Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mystery no more...

Okay, I'll put it up now - it's being gifted tomorrow, and I am once again having my usual doubts and anxieties:
Kathy's vest - front
Project: 'Seda' vest from KnitPicks
Yarn: KnitPicks 'Wool of the Andes' 100% wool, Heathered Green
Started: March 6, 2007
Finished(including blocking): March 26, 2007

The edges are just lovely - steeking is my friend! But my favourite detail on this puppy, apart from the cabled edgings, is the back shaping:Kathy's vest - back

is that not the loveliest little patch? Pulls it in at the waist, and is such an original detail - I am generally pretty pleased with the way it's come out, but nervous... you know?

And because I was semi-organized, I made a felted gift bag, which I REALLY like, and may have to make for myself at some point:
One Skein Tote Bag
Project: Tote Bag from One Skein Knits (Leigh Radford)
Yarn: Lion Brand 'Wool' in Lemongrass and Dark Teal
Started: March 23, 2007
Finished: March 25, 2007

It's from One Skein Knits by Leigh Radford, but actually took more than 4...

and in other news, I got a whack of new stuff to knit up for Artisan Knitworks:New Toys!

eye candy!

finished the front of one this afternoon, Blue Bemidji frontso it's a quick knit, and so, so soft and pretty - this is totally the way to go - I can play with stuff, and be paid - very happy making!

And now, am also trying to finish the Indigo Fire socks from a few posts back, because I would like to knit non-matching socks for my nieces, who are turning 15 in a couple of weeks - the birthday celebrations have been moved up to Easter, and I am looking at at least 2 pairs of socks, maybe 3 (gives them each an extra one to mismatch) - so why am I typing? I've got to get a move on... later, dahlins...


Tanya said...

Love the vest. I've been thinking about making a vest for me, with spring coming soon I hope, it means packing up the sweaters, but vests are good all year round, especially for work.

What's this aboutArtisan Knitworks? Are you trying yarn out for them? Did I miss something? How did you get to be so lucky!

deirdre said...

I am lucky enough to be knitting for AK, a shop in Michigan - I feel absolutely blessed!

Riggwelter said...

Oh those lovely steeks! And you're right, that back shaping is beautiful.

How nice is that to be paid to play!