Saturday, January 10, 2009

Life Lessons

as learned at last night's AC DC concert...

* at a certain age (specifically, at Angus Young's age), it should be mandatory to maintain shirt and hat at all times, particularly when there is a Jumbotron involved. Long strands of thinning hair plastered to scalp, and moobs flapping behind a guitar, are not something anyone should be subjected to, particularly on a huge screen.

* red plastic horns are a nice souvenir for the 20 and under crowd IMG_0109, but look silly on those 50 and over.

* however, when the lights go down and the venue becomes a sea of twinkling red lights, it's kind of a nice effect.

* "non-smoking " apparently does not include cigarettes or joints.

* Rogers Centre security, several of whom appeared to be significantly out of shape and totally bored with the proceedings, cannot be relied upon to enforce the "no smoking" policy.

* Said security staff does not make one feel very secure.

* Headbangers come in all ages - I thought I would be an older attendee, but judging from the small sample I could see, I was young to middling.

* Although I may have looked like a young to middling type, I know today that I am old, as old as the hills, because the hearing still has not returned to my left ear, almost 24 hours later.
* Opening bands have not improved since my last foray into concert-land. These guys were called The Answer, as if in reply to a Jeopardy-style question, "Who can make really loud, tuneless noise, have a lead singer resembling Cousin It (The Addams Family) in both appearance and coherence and suck collosally?"
* Beer does not make people better dancers; it just makes them think they are better dancers.
* I don't think I had enough beer.

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Carol said...

I wish most men had the sense to keep the shirt on. Just because it isn't illegal to take it off does not mean one SHOULD!

But it was fun, right?