Friday, February 25, 2011

Things I've Learned

1. Skunks don't hibernate. A life-long belief crushed in one night.

2. According to Ben, the smell of grilled cheese with a skunk overlay is what Chinese food smells like. Explains his lack of enthusiasm for it.

3. The smell of skunk permeates an entire house in no time flat, and lingers indefinitely.

4. Having your windows open in -5C weather constitutes sweater weather. And mitten weather. And hat weather.

5. As always, knitting to the rescue.

6. Digression: after a certain age, catching one's reflection looking down (as over a toaster) is absolutely the wrong thing to do.

7. Wine helps diminish both skunkiness and wrinkles/chicken neck which were obviously exaggerated while looking down over the toaster.

No pics because who wants to see an upside-down chicken neck?


Sandra said...

ooo, sounds like a bad day! We have a skunk that lives a few doors down (owner doesn't seem in a hurry to get rid of it...) and I have gone out for the newspaper some morninga, only to run back to the house faster tahn anyone sould run that early!
Wine is really the great cure-all, isn't it...

Yvette said...

We had a family of skunks living under our backyard shed one summer years ago. It was weird but we had some sort of truce. They never sprayed once. And the babies (who "leaked" a bit of baby skunk musk when they played) were sooo cute.

Carol said...