Thursday, March 09, 2006

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It may just be post-Olympic energy or something - or I may be avoiding the sweater-which-must-be-significantly-ripped-back - but I have become a finishing machine!

I had a pair of socks - very nice, Rovings silk/polwarth yarn, interesting ribbed pattern - which have been languishing for over a year now, and I decided to finish them as a birthday gift for my friend. I did end up ripping back 4 rows to figure out the ribbing because I couldn't find the pattern (although I know where it was for the longest time, until I CLEANED UP) and managed to pick it up without a hitch. I remembered quickly why they had been shelved - I was using two 2.5mm circ's, and they KILLED my fingertips -- I am bruised and battered as I type.

But I persevered:
and then, as previously posted, decided to felt a "Booga Bag" using 3 skeins of Noro Kureyon - unfortunately, during the felting process my washing machine decided to spring a leak, so it was not quite as felty as it should have been - nevertheless, used as a gift bag with the socks tucked inside, it was quite lovely:

Yeah, the handles are a little short, but as a gift bag, it worked nicely!

And so, in my ongoing quest of avoidance, I am working on the Wonderful Wallabies for my sons which were started in October, and miraculously still appear to be the right size - just had to lengthen the bodies a bit. My youngest has decided he no longer likes the corrugated ribbing we had worked out:

so I will snip it off and knit a new, plain ribbing down after everything else is done -

have I ripped out anything more on my big beautiful sweater?

No, I have not.

So there you go - Kelly, you in particular - all updated... for now

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