Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The long weekend that was...

This weekend I took my guys out to the garden centre, as is our tradition, this being the May 24th long weekend (even though the 24th isn't always on that weekend, we call it that for some reason), the weekend where we Canadians start our planting season, the assumption being that fear of frost has passed and our babies will be safe outside.

We left the centre in a wind so strong that plants and seed packets blew out of our cart, my sons wildly chasing after them through the parking lot. And then, there was hail. Big, pinging-off-the-windshield, stinging-on-your-skin-hail. So we were glad to make our way home, cuddle up inside and re-examine our treasures. So much potential in a packet of seeds...

This summer, Tanner is going to try to grow sunflowers - two varieties - and watermelon. Ben is planning to grow pumpkins and peanuts. I am excited for them because these are all things I tried to grow when I was young and had an indulgent mother, and they chose them with no prompting from me. This week's task will be to actually find a sunny spot where all this growing can take place. Oh, and space. Lots of space. Lots of sunny, dog-protected space. The challenge is on...

They also planted their pots - yes, in the cold and wind (the hail stopped by the time we got home), and I love the differences in style and colour. Every year it's a crapshoot, and they always turn out wonderfully.

So, each boy selected a flat of various annuals, selected mostly for colour, and then planted according to whatever whim runs their imagination...

Tanner's planters range from minimalist to wildly packed:

and Ben's have a common colour theme:

orange and yellow, with some ringers thrown in -

And yes, I bought some stuff for my planters, too, but somehow I find the choices of my children far more interesting - they are spontaneous and impulsive, and always, within a month or so, are the most gorgeous assortment of flowers going..

Knitting-wise, I am putting the sleeves in my violet t-shirt today, and will then WIND THE SILK - am I excited? I chipped away at the t-shirt throughout the weekend, and now find that, in spite of counting and measuring and laying the front on top of the back repeatedly, there seems to be a slight difference in size. Not major, but enough that I had to fudge a little on the side seams to align them. I am hopeful that I can block it senseless and it will hang properly, but a little niggle in my brain isn't so sure -

the other little niggle in my brain doesn't care, because I am already knitting up the multidirectional tank in my mind - I read the pattern in bed last night, slept with a skein on my night table - obsessive? Moi?!


Shugahface said...

Oh I love that your children make their own planters! That is fabulous. I love the instinctual way that children garden. I am intrigued by the thought of growing peanuts...I think I might give that a try myself.

I also spent the long weekend planting up a storm (though we did not have an actual storm like you did! glad the hail stopped).
I extended some beds and planted new perrenials that are from a local organic nursery that uses local area plants - they are perfect because they are already hardened for our gardens AND they are so inexpensive and unique.

Good luck getting the dog free space for them to grow in! I just found that one of our cats is using some recently seeded areas as their new outdoors box - yuck.


Kelly said...

I too, in honor of the 2-4 weekend, planted my veggie garden and there was a hovering threat of frost. Oh boy. Everything survived. Whew. Last year I mistakenly planted decorative cabbage. It was quite beautiful, but was unetible. So, this year, I am planting it in containers around the yard because of its discovered beauty. And I won't wonder why there is no head and why we can't put it in a salad. Live and learn. Laugh and learn. Oh, and I learned that one shouldn't plant ALL of their lettuce seeds. Why? Are you like me and wonder why? Because they are all done at the same time. You need to space your planting out. I guess it will be a bountiful week of lettuce sometime this summer.

Love the t-shirt you are knitting? Am I reading this right? I want to make a summer vest...must get to a yarn store soon. In a couple weeks I plan on swinging by Christa's at BeachesCorner in good ole WI.