Thursday, June 01, 2006

sometimes life gets in the way...

Long time between posts - we received some very upsetting news about my brother two weeks ago, and I have been in a tailspin since... the one constant has been knitting, which inevitably calms, soothes and brings order to things chaotic.

Good news on several fronts:
* my brother is recuperating nicely from surgery, and has an excellent prognosis - major WHEW!

* I finished my Shapely T last week - don't like the look of it on me, but am hoping that blocking will help.

* I started the Diagonal Tank from ArtYarns - am following the directions blindly, and can't for the life of me see how the hell it will work, but it's SILK, and it's orange, so who cares?

Okay, so now that I've posted the picture, I almost can see how it might work...

In other news, Maggie, our squirrel catcher extraordinare, actually cornered one last Sunday. I called the dogs in, after their morning ablutions, to find both of them running after a poor, slow, old-looking squirrel, and licking it every time they got close - blech - the poor thing's fur was soaked!

The dogs turned to see who was so rude as to interrupt their little lovefest, and Maggie's snout was literally dripping blood! I choked back my screams of revulsion - it was 6:30 in the morning and I hadn't had a coffee yet - and scoured the yard looking for a dismembered critter. Found none, and when I cleaned her off found a little tiny nick on her nose. She has been disinfected within an inch of her life, and I think we have all learned something:

* squirrels might not like being licked;

* the smallest injuries can lead to deceptively copious quantites of blood;

* coffee before all else;

* it's really never too early for a shot of vodka - purely medicinal, of course...


Shugahface said...

Oh the medicinal vodka MUST come before the coffee - or with the coffee perhaps.

Ugh - that poor squirrel. That is a little funny though that they were licking it - the image is funny.
Not the blood though - major panic time! Isn't it amazing how nose/mouth/head injuries bleed? Out of all proportion to the cut.

Finished your T? Can't wait to see it post blocking.
I have never blocked anything before. Let me know how it turns out - I have a sweater that doesn't fit the best, maybe blocking will help it too.

Shughahface said...

Oh my goodness - I didn't even comment on your brother.
I am relieved for you that he has a good prognosis. Sounds like you were going through some scary stuff - I was starting to worry about you actually.
Just about to send you an e-mail to check on you.

I have been shopping recently...but have to wait for somethings to be delivered to me so I can assemble them for you...mysterious? maybe.

Tomorrow I head to the 'city' to do some more secret shopping.
I will be thinking of you and your boys!

deirdre said...

The funniest part of the dog/squirrel incident was watching this poor squirrel's reaction - total resignation, just plodding away from the two pups with a look of utter disgust - I swear it had an expression on it's little rodent face...

Monika said...

How is it going with your P90? I liked the original model in orange too. Lucky you, you've got the yarn!