Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Feels like ages since I posted - a whole week! No real reason, just life getting in the way of other priorities. In the past week, I have finished the Socks that Rock socks - yay!

Just lovely yarn - soft, colours are beautiful - and I have a new skein for ME, in the totally edible colourway 'Fairgrounds -

My youngest son asked me to make his teacher a pair of socks for her end-of-year gift - he was allowed into the mess-that-is-my-craft-room, and chose yarn that he thought she'd like - not colours I would have chosen, but as I have been knitting them up, I am figuring out that the colours kind of represent a spring garden - taupe for soil, green for leaves, purple and yellow for flowers - he has much more foresight than I give him credit for. And yes, it's in writing! I am knitting them toe-up at the same time on two circs, which is my favourite way to crank out a pair - wow, sounds like I'm enjoying my hobby, doesn't it?

In response to Monika, I am working away on the P90 - it's my evening knitting, because I am afraid to bring the silk outside to work on and have a dog nibble on it or a bird drop on it - trust me, it could happen! I am coming up to the end of the front - it's moving along more slowly than I expected, but I am planning to work on it during the hockey game tonight and hoping that the excitement will get those needles moving (GO OILERS!). I just love the yarn, and even though my children may be subsisting on roots and berries while I pay it off, at least I will look damn good. And really, that's what matters. I'll post a pic later, when there's a little more to show.

Have sent packages off to secret pals, and am just excited to bits - word to the wise - do only one exchange at a time. Any more than one and you may become confused. Not that I am, of course, but it's good to know.

Another valuable life lesson? Be careful how your body is positioned while using large clippers. It is possible, I think, to pop one's boobs while squeezing the clipper handles together, depending on one's position.

Addendum: have smaller t-shirts available to accomodate your new, smaller chest.

And to close for today: totally gratuitous picture of Maggie, looking much like a fuzzy golden garden gnome, and out of trouble for the moment.

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