Wednesday, June 07, 2006

happy un-birthday!

Just received a most wonderful assortment of wonderful goodies from my wonderful Secret Pal (SP8) - such fun, and such phenomenally fast service - mailed from the West Coast on Saturday, in my hot little hands this morning - amazing!

Just look at it!!

Much fun to be had here - seeds for my garden for plants that I don't know about, which totally excites me, cool yarn, an art card game, a delicious candle, silky papers and edibles, too - the boys have each claimed one of the chocolate treats, and are so impressed that my pal knew what they liked, too!

So a huge thank you and a cyber hug, Shug - absolutely made my day/week/month! I am off to babysit my 3 year old nephew - we have a huge mutual crush, so it's such a treat to hang with him - and hopefully later I can provide details on Martin Short and the circus to which we took the boys' dad yesterday - ah, yes, the fun never stops...

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Shugahface said...

Yay! I am so glad that you got the package already!
That does seem like quick service.

So glad the boys liked their treats - those were for them. From a local chocolate shop.

The candle is Kootenay Forest - which is not where I live, I am right on the Coast but our Forests smell the same. Lots of Cedar and Pine trees. I just thought it would be a little bit of BC for you.

The seeds are Silk Floss Tree - which grows very rapidly, and look really unique. I just started one here - if you go to the website on the seed package you can see a picture of it close up. It has these wild pink barbs on its trunk. I have never seen anything like it.
I tried to check which growing zone you were in but was having browser difficulty - I think we have much milder winters here so you may have to plant it in a pot and bring it in for the winter.

The other seeds are wild flowers that make lots of little seeds for birds. I think the ones I sent you are yellow. They really attract butterflies too.

You realize this is just the beginning right? This is so much fun!!

Have a great time with your nephew - I work with children and have had a mutual crush or two -- or more even.
Right now I work in a Preschool in the mornings and then with kinders to Grade 7's from 2-6.
I love it - we are just getting ready for our all day summer program. It is the most fun.

I am super happy that you liked everything!