Monday, July 17, 2006

Back to life -

and seemingly insurmountable piles of laundry - how is it that vacations generate so much dirty stuff? My kids wore the same things almost daily, and I was in my bathing suit most of the week, and yet I find myself wading through mountains of soiled clothing almost as tall as me...

but enough whining - we are home after a glorious, relaxing, idyllic week of this
and this

and lots of this

I stopped wearing my watch on Monday, which is completely out of character for me, let the boys do their own thing (including making their own rather interesting sandwiches whenever the urge struck), scared myself senseless re-reading 'Salem's Lot' by Stephen King (word to the wise - not the best choice when up north in a small, very quiet cottage), and listened to 'The Virgin Suicides' by Jeffrey Eugenides while very nearly finishing my second Socks that Rock sock -

all in all, a perfect vacation, with the only desired improvement being in the area of insects, deerflies and horse flies in particular - we'd just like them completely eradicated, nothing major-

then I get home to a wonderful surprise, which once again brings home the knowledge that knitters are a special bunch, and I feel so privileged to count myself among them -

from my absolutely fabulous secret pal, Shugahface:

hmm, blurry - my camera is acting up - too relaxed, perhaps? - but the yarn is GORGEOUS, colours PERFECT, will make stunning socks - there is green tea with an infuser attached, rosewood (I think) needles (choirs sing as I reverently touch them), a mango bath soak (and truly, mangoes and baths are among my favourite things, so to put them together? Genius!) and gorgeous stitch markers, which I am seriously considering turning into earrings - just look at them
So thank you, thank you, thank you -

it makes it a little easier to face the real world which stares me in the face...

back to life, back to reality (bet you have the tune stuck in your head for the rest of the day...)


Jeanne said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation - and what a nice thing to come home to! Nice yarn

Shugahface said...

Welcome home!!
Sounds like a fabulous time - good for you for taking your watch off. That is what a vacation is all about.

I am so pleased you like your surprises! Yes - those are rosewood double points - I cannot remember the size at the moment...but they are the 5 " length you were hoping for.

Yay! So glad that you love the mango bath sachet. I hope it is as good as it sounds!

Nice to know that CanadaPost is as fast as its claim.

Oh - and those stitch markers. I love them. They are the most beautiful things. I bought some with different beads for myself too. The lady that makes them sells through etsy. If you are interested I can give you her shop name etc.

Take care!

Terri said...

Loved looking at your blog pictures. Seeing the pics of the calm waters makes me want to jump in and cool off from all the heat and humidity.