Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The postman always rings twice...

and if I had a doorbell, that would be true - however, the dogs bark more than enough to let me know that he's come, sometimes, as today, bearing gifts!

From Kelly, my Wisconsin pal:

so we can make matching socks, because she bought herself the same yarn, and write knitterly notes to one another - just love it all - thank you so much, darlin'! And yes, when our socks are done we will have to post pics of our matching tootsies...

And from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, the newest installment for the Rockin' Socks club, named 'Peaseblossom':
and as if the yarn, pattern and newsletter aren't enough, there's a bit of extra yarn included as a keychain - so cute!
The timing couldn't be better - I seem to be moving into ADD mode again, unable to focus on any one project - I finished the last Rockin' Sock Club socks, and am now looking for the perfect buttons for the side cuffs (please note - the legs are shaved... it was a good morning).

So I have about 3 projects that I am starting and trying to decide between:
RPM socks from Knitty in Step yarn by Austermann -

I like them, but I'm not crazy about them -

the Lotus Blossom Tank, on the cover of the summer Interweave Knits-

I am using bamboo yarn from the Southwest Trading Company which I TRULY had in my stash for another top but this one looked like more fun (and Shug, please note the stitch marker, which I still think should become an earring)

- actually, there is a knit-along somewhere for this top, but I'm not motivated enough to actually be accountable for making it right now -

and an online knitting class, I guess, with Y2Knits, using Meditation yarn from Skacel, for which I completed my swatch yesterday and today must contemplate personal measurements - this will probably be the one I push on now, largely because of the yarn, which is infused with lavender - the aroma is just divine! Although I must admit, the idea of measuring myself, now, during this season of ice cream and coolers, is something of a deterrent...

I have almost finished the Diagonal Tank from Art Yarns - I know, I know, what's the hold up? It looks nice, a little too much decolletage for me but I can do the camisole thing - I just need to crochet an edge around the armholes and neck. So why haven't I done it yet?

Makes me wonder if there isn't something slightly wrong with someone who not only doesn't finish a project, but can't seem to start just one more - overload? Boredom? The fact that the tank looks nothing like it does on the model when I wear it? The fact that it's a tank top, and I recently noticed that when I wave goodbye, my hand stops when I want it to but my upper arm keeps going?

All right, excuses aside - I WILL finish the tank top by the weekend. I WILL find buttons for my socks and actually sew them on. I WILL pick one damned project to work on, and will report back on the lucky winner in my next post.

And I WILL measure myself right now, so I can have an ice cream bar later without any pangs of guilt - which I may wash away with a cooler chaser...

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Shugahface said...

Oh lady. You are not the only one with ADD - I have so many prjects going and waiting to start. But have I finished any?
It is summer. There is too much to do.
Those ankle socks are so cute. Nicely made.

Oh I was so pleased to see a familiar looking stitch marker! I called out to my Mom in the other room. That makes me so happy that you can use your gift.

Glad to hear that your enjoying your ice cream and cooler summer.
I am having quite the ice cream summer myself.
Which might be why I feel like knitting socks myself...