Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Avast and Ahoy, Mateys!

I just love hokey gimmicks, and cheesey jokes, and off the wall, totally silly occasions, so knowing that today is Talk Like a Pirate Day has made me absolutely giddy all day, starting at 7 this morning, when I woke my sons to the strains of Yo Ho Ho, etc., etc.

Less than impressed, were they...

Like any good pirate celebration, there was booty to be had: (pic not available yet - am I the only one having trouble with Blogger these days?!)
the newest installment of the Rockin' Sock Club, in absolutely wonderful colours - these have moved to the top of the next in line list...

ah, yes, the next in line list... the this is what I want to start next list... the ever-evolving, fluid, nebulous next on the needles list -

yes, I have changed my mind.

I was going to use stash yarn to make Sally Melville's Einstein coat, because I am desperately in need of a late fall/ early winter cover-up. Now, I like the pattern very much, but I don't love it, not sure why. What I do love is her Not Your's Mother's Jacket pattern, but I don't have any appropriate yarn on hand.

Knit Picks, on the other hand, does.

And shortly, I will, too. Hee, hee... the challenge, of course, will be to see if I can actually get the thing knit up in the next few weeks to wear it this season...

At this point, I am working on Kelly's Socks - yes, Kel, I shall name them after you and they shall henceforth be known as 'Kelly's Socks':

I am also alternating between my twin nieces' hooded pullovers, and have almost got the pouch done on one, so the other will be caught up tonight. And if I may say, I have the cutest collection of stitch markers going - my mother just treated me to new babies, which are just like jewellery for yarn: (and when I can put up photos, I will)
such fun!

So now, off to swab decks and shiver timbers - aaarrrrrrrrrr!

1 comment:

Miss Scarlett said...

Ahoy lassie!

Your boys will appreciate how much fun you were later - you know they will!

Knit picks does have the yarn don't they?

I feel you with the ever changing list of projects - I can't keep up with my own plans these days. I am determined to stick to 3 (accidently hit the 4 and the 3 and yep 43 would be more like it!)
determined to stick to 3 projects that I must complete before I start something new.

Unless it is a dishcloth....