Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I've got mail!

Yay!!! The perfect topper to what has been a decent transition to back-to-school mode... I got my final package from my Secret Pal, Miss Scarlett/Michelle (let me know which moniker you perfer) - such a lovely gift!
Beautiful violet soap, with a violet shape worked into the wax - smells edible!- the cutest little bag which will be perfect for quick dashes out or walks with the dogs - homemade (yes, you read that right - HOMEMADE) chai tea in a lovely little bottle, which I am hoping to try tonight, and will likely need the recipe for (chai is actually my favourite!)- and two handknit cloths in my favourite dishcloth stitch, Chinese Waves - LOVE the colour - there is some debate on this end as to whether they are facecloths, dishcloths or pot holders - love all of it - thank you so much for everything, Michelle, you have been a most generous spoiler!

Now onto other matters - I am still on my shawl, still love it but am surprised at how quickly the stitches have multiplied, and at how much longer each row takes - really lovely yarn, though, so soft... will save pics till the end, as they'll all look pretty much the same...

I have conceded defeat to a ... dishcloth. No, I am not proud, but I finally had to face the fact that I DON'T GET IT. Allow me to backtrack - through my SP's blog I found a dishcloth knitalong - haven't made them for years but always liked them, so thought it might be interesting. The pattern at the time was and is lovely - the Garterlac Cloth -

having done entrelac before, I thought this would be a fun re-introduction to the whole thing. I got this far

10 times.

I asked for help and got helpful comments. Lots of 'em.

I looked at the tutorial - repeatedly - ad naseum, even. Printed it off, studied it, imitated it exactly. Ripped out, started again, each time thinking this is it, this will be the one - I GET IT.

I don't get it.

I still have the pattern and will revisit it again in time - maybe I just need fresh eyes? Or a lobotomy? I am working on the next pattern, Swish with a Twist, and I am pleased to report that we have liftoff.

I feel like a quitter, but I think perhaps I am a realist. I will try it again, but right now I feel like I don't have the brain cells to spare, what with school starting again, and the lunch program I run at school kicking in, and starting some serious household reorganization - I'll just save what I've got, and when I feel brave, I'll step on the plank again.


Yvette said...

Creepy weird stuff. I linked to you through Miss Scarlett who was my SP spoilee. I immediately noticed that you are in Burlington, which is where I grew up. I now live in Toronto. Then I scrolled down to see your picture of Lettuce Knit where I was SnB'ing just last night! Small world or what?

Tanya said...

What a great secret pal you have there! Just as great as my secret pal (wink wink)

Love the dishclothes/faceclothes. Where can I get details on the Chinese Waves stitch?

Miss Scarlett said...

Yay! You got it. I am so glad you like everything.
The Chinese Waves pattern I got here:
There are some really fantastic patterns to choose from - and they all have pictures.
As to wash/face cloth - I think that is totally up to you. I originally was thinking wash cloth but I wound up using mine as a face cloth - and it feels so luxurious.
I am getting all ambitious and thinking I need to knit up some sets of hand towels and face cloths for our downstairs bathroom.

When you want to attempt Garterlac again send me a line - I think I might know where you are stuck.

Yvette - that is too funny! It is a small world indeed.

OK - If Chai is your favourite you need to link through to Chockylit's site through my blog - the most incredible recipe for Chocolate Chai Cupcakes. They are a little work intensive but unbelievably good. The icing...I could go for some Chai myself right now...

Should I tell you to expect another gift? I guess I just did. I ran out of time and a delivery was delayed so there are a few more items coming your way Deirdre.

I think I need to read back through the comments on my blog because I am pretty sure you sent me your e-mail adress...that is unless you like receiving chapter-lenth responses on your blog!

Miss Scarlett said...

Ok - that link went weird.
It is called Dishcloth Botique and there are 5 pages of patterns.
Chinese Waves is on page 1.
and yes - boutique is spelled wrong in their address but is right on the page.

Kelly said...

Hello, it's me. Didn't I once make dishclothes in the beginning of my knitting career, and you said something like, you didn't DO washclothes? Wasn't that you? You had never knit with that lovely cotton, which can be found at Michaels, or Wal-Mart. Should you venture in there sometime. Weren't we there on Thanksgiving? yes, indeed, but we didn't hit the craft section. We were too stuffed from the turkey.