Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Victoria Day!

It's the first LONG WEEKEND of the year, which means summer isn't too far off, which means... well, YAY! Kids are playing road hockey right now, then off to their dad's for the afternoon, which leaves me to, oh, I don't know, check out a garden centre or winery or two... I always miss the boys when they're not with me, but I have learned to appreciate my time alone...

Anyhow, I finished the twins' socks in time for the party on Saturday - with about an hour to spare - 3 pairs done!, and the good news is, they like them and they fit!
Funny how, after all these years of knitting - 38, I guess? Oh, that's right, I actually learned to knit while still in the womb - I am still completely panicked over the fit of things I make for other people... hmm, might be a sign that I need to work on that? D'yathink?

Earlier on Saturday, we had our first meal of the year outside, which always tickles me - even though the grass is long and the shrubs are shabby right now, I would rather be nowhere else than out in my yard...First meal outside this year!!
We took advantage of the gorgeous sunlight for a small photo shoot:
the dogs watching a french fry fly by:Following a french fry
Ben and Maggie having a momentBen & Maggie
and Tanner and me:Tanner & me
I HATE pictures of myself, but thought it might be nice for y'all to have a face to go with the stories... to clarify, I would be the wrinkly, crepey-necked one in the front...

I was so excited to start my Grasshopper Socks, pictured in the previous post - made the toe, love the yarn and the needles are great, perfect weight - I cannot get the pattern to work. I can do the first two rows, but have tried 4 times and am so far unable to get further along. The first row is YO, P2tog, then row 2 is P2tog, YO. Easy, peasey... my ass...

I'm going to try a few more times before giving up, but I cannot adequately express how very PISSED OFF I am with these damned socks right now - and lots of other people are making them, are FINISHED them even - I am thinking it might be something with my YO technique, so will have to investigate further.

I shall go and vent my frustrations on my plant pots, which are still being scraped and sanded, and will return soon with memes a-plenty... I'm not avoiding them, really, but they seem to take a lot of thought, and I am in short supply of thought at the moment...

Enjoy the weekend, my fellow Canadians, and, oh yes - GO SENS!!


Tanya said...

Nice to see a pick of you!


lv2knit said...

Love the picture and you don't KNOW the definition of crepey!

RE: the socks -- How are you wrapping your YOs?? When you do purl to purl YOs you wrap the yarn counterclockwise around the needle. Is there a plain row in between or just pattern row after pattern row?

Riggwelter said...

I so know where you're coming from...I'm having loads of trouble with YO's at the moment!

Hope you find a way that works.

Great photos btw, good to put a face to the blog.