Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hola, Amigos!

Well, I was going to do this way back at the beginning of the week, but I don't even remember the beginning of the week! We had a wonderful trip, even under somewhat, um, awkward circumstances - 'nother post

Weather was perfect - 90's during the day, low 70's at night (sorry, I will always be farenheit at heart), and the toughest decisions were things like: which bathing suit should I wear today? Should we start with the beach, or the pool? Margarita or colada?

So, a few pictures to pique your interest:

Our regular morning view

Beach Volleyball
(probably the most exercise we got - this or playing water football)

Takes the sting out of homework!
A little homework...
Isla Mujeres, ocean side
A day spent across the bay on Isla Mujeres, checking beaches and
Swimming with dolphins
dolphins, and
Best sign I've ever seen - Isla Mujeres
signs... oh, my

No, we didn't stop there to see if it really did hurt our teeth - took all my willpower not to... and we actually swam with the dolphins, which was totally amazing!!

View from the balcony

This is what we saw from our balcony, and while I realize it looks fake, this is actually how it looks...

Iguana wanna french fry?

We were stalked one afternoon by this guy, who came after us when we dropped some food on the ground - we were told they only eat flowers, which they do
Nope, just a flower
but I know, deep down, he wanted a french fry...

and now that we are home, my decisions include do I need socks, or can I put up with freezing feet? Which sweatshirt or JACKET should I put on?

Am I glad to be back? Any guesses??

Knitting content to follow in the next post, as well as my first meme (thanks, Michelle, I'm so excited - I DO want to play!)

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Miss Scarlett said...

Wow! What a gorgeous spot you were in.
It looks like you had a fantastic time.
I am shivering in my jammies right now and your pics are making me wish I was on vacation.
Ahhh the glory of holiday choices - colada with breakfast, margarita with lunch I'd say. :-)