Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wow! Long time no blog...

and no good reason, apart from returning to routine (blech), trying to put the house in some semblance of tidy after a summer spent largely outside (pee-yew), and just general I-can't-believe-it's-the-last-day-of-summer malaise (sigh).

I have been knitting - of course - working on a brown ruffled shrug for Cindy at Apple LaineP1000869
That was an early-stage pic - I am much further along but my camera doesn't want to play right now...

I am also in the end stages of another Lake Placid pullover for Artisan Knitworks
P1000868(again, picture was taken earlier)

And I have three projects from the LYS, Spun, to finish for them.

But what about ME???

My poor little head is abuzz with everything I want to make for myself - NOW - and I keep finding more - I almost feel sick thinking about all the potential projects, and then I keep finding more, and feel even sicker...

I can't even try to list the things I am thinking of, because I really do get panicky and out of breath - for God's sake, it's knitting, it's supposed to be fun...

I did learn something interesting today which is non-knit related - I was pulling out a sweet potato vine from one of my front pots - it's done well, but is now deserving of a quiet burial...

know what I found at the end of the vine?
potato vine = potato - who knew??
I really had no idea that you could grow potatoes on potato vines - I just thought that was the name of the plant - I was thrilled, so much so that I interrupted a neighborhood game of HAGS (hide and go seek - their acronym, not mine) to show my sons and their friends -

apparently their friends think I'm weird now - I gather they didn't before, which was yet another revelation.

But I think I blew it this time.


Julie said...

Above-ground potatos ARE pretty cool. I guess I'm weird now, too. Shhhhh, don't tell any kids, and I won't either.

Riggwelter said...

what a wonderful find, I think I'd have done the same!

I know exactly what you mean about wanting to get so much done, so badly that it makes us ill!

Lovely to see you again.

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh you make me laugh!!

I thought it was just a name myself so I totally get your excitement.

Isn't that the thing with knitting? It is fun, relaxing, a pastime but you can stress out over all of the things you need/want to do.

Let some time pass - that's what I do! Then I find new projects...

Your current ones are looking good.