Tuesday, September 02, 2008


not just a river, but a state of mind...

no, today's post will not include reference to the passage of time, nor to the importance of the day (milestones all round)...

no, today we will simply reflect on what has been a most enjoyable, relaxing summer...


We will think about short trips to Sandbanks Provincial Park: about the best signage ever
IMG_1785 (this gives one-stop shopping a whole new meaning, although I thought you'd want to hit the chocolates before the dentist, so he could repair the damage, whereas Ben thought the dentist first, for a clean bill of tooth, made more sense);
the best sand dunes and sunsetsIMG_1788IMG_1804.

Let's think about the things that have amused us most this summer:
P1010510 (best $80 bucks I've spent in ages - it's better than watching TV)P1010511P1010512P1010480 (look at what they deem important enough for this bag... I was SO impressed!);

the things we've seen grow
P1010518 (Ben's jalapenos) P1010519P1010514 (honest to God, the yarn was just growing there!!!)
P1010513 (this is the Sidelines Top in the Fall Interweave Knits in Dream in Color Classy, "Gothic Rose", and because of my utter obsession and devotion to it, it has grown to a front, back, and 1.5 sleeves)

what else has grown this summer, you may ask?

but like I said, denial is a wonderful thing...


riggwelter said...

What a great post! Fantastic photos, where did you get that yarn plant from...(hee hee)? Though I don't suppose it would survive here in all this damn rain!

Hope you're well.

Miss Scarlett said...

Great post!

Wow! Look at those boys of yours - they're looking like men. Holy time warp Batwoman!