Thursday, February 05, 2009

My first "official" tag / meme

Wow, I can't believe how excited I am to have been tagged personally by someone - I am obviously in need of getting a life, no?

So, Tamara tagged me - thank you - to do the following:

Link to the person who has tagged you.
Write down six things that make you happy.
Post the rules, tag six others and let them know you did it.
Then tell the person when your entry is complete.

Six Things That Make Me Happy...

1. My boys, Tanner and Ben. The funniest, dearest people I know, even with the various teen / pre-teen angsts (does that pluralize?) and issues.

2. My dogs, Charlie and Maggie.

3. My books. I have a shelf (or two) of unread books, waiting for me. I love knowing that I can achieve so much escape in so little time.

4. My yarn. I have been, um, collecting yarn (like other people collect stamps or spoons, except that this is more practical), largely on sale, for at least 20 - 25 years, and I cannot articulate the deep sense of contentment, unadulterated pleasure, I take from looking at it, going through it, feeling it, and imagining the possibilities.

5. Blank notebooks. Again, it's a matter of potential and possibility - having a bound stack of clean, fresh pages waiting for deep thoughts, inspiration, or just scribbling. I like the smell of a new notebook, too, like a new book.

6. Hot sunshine and sand - while I love being out anywhere in the heat and yes, even humidity, I am at my happiest on a beach, in the sun, with the boys, a book and my knitting at hand. One of those rare moments that cannot be improved upon. While I am even annoying myself with my complaints about this winter, you will never, ever hear me whine that it's too hot, or too humid.

Anyone else want to play? Help yourselves, and let me know what you come up with... thanks, Tamara!


.Books by TJ Baff said...

Way to run with it Deirdre!!!
Love your list! :)

Sandra said...

I assume you meant to tag me, so I did it...