Monday, October 23, 2006

I Am Back!

Several days without a computer has taught me several things...

1. I get antsy - nay, dare I say, grumpy? - when I cannot go online.

2. Not having a computer makes it necessary for me to find other means of occupying my time (not that it's a challenge to find other things, of course... it's just that I am selective about what I do with my time).

3. Some of these other things include playing with my new sock blockers:


SO professional looking - I can't believe I didn't treat myself to sock blockers years ago!

and working on my Sideways Socks, with Kelly : currently on Row 25, and I can finally see how this might one day grow up to be a sock... (note to self: use plain backgrounds to photograph busy yarns);

and taking my sons to Dyment's Farm yesterday in nearby Dundas in the rain and mud and yuck, so we could pick pumpkins and climb through a hay maze and swing off a rope into a huge stack of hay (that is not a royal we - I neither climbed nor swung) and eat caramel apples (I did, however, assist with this);

and playing yet another round of Star Wars Monopoly, and noticing very clearly this time the difference in organizational styles, which truly typifies my sons:

This is how Ben "organizes" his money and property -

This is Tanner's area - need I say more?

So, yes, there's a lot I can do when going online is not an option... but it's nice to be back...


Miss Scarlett said...

And it's nice to have you back!
sock blockers? Those look nifty. I was using my feet! Or are they to use after you wash them?
Pumpkin patches are so fun.
Love the pics of our sons organizing styles. It's taking me back to my day-long Monopoly games I had with my cousins. Special Note: Never trust the player who insists on being both the banker and the real estate agent. We can't be trusted!

deirdre said...

Yes, the sock blockers are for post-washing, and the socks actually fit me a little better! And I was also always the banker / real estate agent, until these guys decided to take over - hmm, young boys with cha-ching...

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that you won't get bored if you are without internet time! Pleanty on your hands to occupy them!

Kelly said...

Okay, I am confused. We just spoke on the phone about my ' little socks' and the idea of stuffing them with socks, and now your blog displays these beautiful sock blockers? Am I missing something?

And yes, I am miffed for you being on row 25, when the rules were clearly written, we are to remain at the same place. I think you are cheating. I was giving you a break, since you were in the waiting room, but now I have thought about it some more, and perhaps you could have started a dish cloth.

Tanya said...

Where do you get sock blockers? I want some...