Friday, November 17, 2006

Overzealous? Moi??

Pshaw! Sure, I may be a little, um, enthusiastic in my knitting goal setting. Okay, and maybe a little unrealistic. But I come from a long line of unrealistic enthusiasts, and it never seems to be daunting. Overwhelming, sure, but never daunting. Right, Mom?

So, I have decided to knit sweaters for my children for Christmas - KnitPicks' Henley Sweater pattern with their Shamrock yarn, one blue, one brown

A couple of felted baskets, again from KnitPicks (yes, I love KnitPicks - wanna make something of it?), into which I am hoping to pop small beaded purses, some thrummed mitts into one and felted, beaded slippers from Stitch Diva into the other...

plus a pair of Fleece Maiden thrummed socks for an upcoming birthday gift for one whom I know has cold feet (literally, I mean) -

I've also been thinking about hats or mitts for my nieces and nephews, or something cute and warm, but there are 5 of them, so it would have to be small-ish -

plus it had crossed my mind that it would be totally cute to have a mini-sweater or mitts decorating various parcels, which could then be put on the tree - I made some a couple of years ago and they were just adorable...

and I was of course hoping to throw in some stuff for me, too... but that will be in my next post...

Kelly and I are still working on our Sideways Socks, but so I don't move too far ahead without her okay, I started another sock. For me. And I love it. I mean, I REALLY love it:

Trekking XXL, colourway #108. Started November 13, waiting for my computer to download. This is my waiting-at-the-orthodontist, sitting-in-the-car, waiting-by-the-computer, supervising-homework sock. Lots of waiting around the last couple of days, apparently.

I think it's the homespun look of it, and the colours - but make no mistake, I am utterly enamoured with this sock. So much so that I am already stressing about wearing holes into the socks, and am contemplating buying another ball as back-up, for the next pair.

I am halfway through the first sock, and I am upset about the holes I have worn into it. Hmm, maybe this is one of those unhealthy infatuation/obsession things I've read about. With a sock. That isn't done yet.

Perhaps more evidence of that overzealousness... ya think?


Elaine said...

I love your sock yarn. Beautiful colorways!! Can't wait to see them finished.

Miss Scarlett said...

The sock looks fantastic! I have yet to make a sock that actually stripes when knit. Then again, I have really only made 2 pairs of socks and have almost finished one...picture tomorrow I SWEAR!
The idea to decorate packages with little knitted ornaments is too cute. You have got to do that.
You are a very fast knitter. I think you could get those projects done. I believe in you Deirdre!!