Friday, January 19, 2007

The Week from H. E. Double Toothpicks

Yes, indeedy, read all about it!
Started Monday with an ice storm which left cars frozen solid in driveways, and trees sparkling like icy jewels in the sunlight.
Then it turned COLD. Nasty, nasty cold. Not a week ago we were out in sweaters and running shoes, and now, well, it's winter.
My youngest, Ben, came down with a horrid cold on Monday and was home for two days. On Wednesday his class had a field trip to Harbourfront Centre in Toronto for a Drumming Workshop - way cool.
And it was. He rallied in the morning for the hands-on, playing African drums session. After lunch we were ushered into a small, warm room to make our own clay drums, and unfortunately, this proved too much for the kid. After finding a washroom with not a second to spare, we waited in the hallway until it was time to go home, and then I sat nervously beside him on the bus for the 40-minute ride, plastic bags at the ready.
He was fine, but had to stay home Thursday to recuperate.

Tanner had some excitement of his own on Thursday:
Tanner Before - 18Jan07
Tanner After - 18Jan07
The bad news is, his teeth are too sore for solid food, and tonight is pizza night, which leaves him SOL. The good news is, I can order Ben his usual small cheese pizza, and then I can get what I WANT for a change - mushrooms, anchovies, onions... mmmm... heartburn, here I come!
And I clocked in my first official FO's of 2007:
First FO's of 2007!
Project: Ball-Band Washcloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting
Yarn: Peaches & Creme, Fiesta and Peacock
Needles: 4mm
Time to Completion: approximately 2 hours each

and today I learned that that crazy Yarn Monkey is at it again - seems like Socks Wars just wasn't enough... the new challenge is for the Knitting Championship of the World...check her blog link for details...

did I sign up? Do you even need to ask?

So, for a week which started in the netherworld, I think things have improved nicely... happy weekend, all!


Shelley said...

Saw your link on Sockamaniac and thought I'd stop by and say hello. I see you're in Burlington. I was born and lived in Georgetown, Ont. until 1979 (when I was 10).

We got a storm on Monday as well, and then yesterday it snowed and turned into a storm last night and we had a little more snow today too. At least it's good for knitting weather, lol.

Miss Scarlett said...

Sorry to hear about Ben - what a shame on his field trip. That must have been one long ride home!
Something weird is going on and I can't see any pics on your blog - I might have to go re-sign in on Flickr. Technology can make me crazy.
I'm signed up too! Should be fun.
Hope you have a good weekend.

Miss Scarlett said...

hey - the pictures are showing now!
I don't know if your boys read your blog, or if they embarass easily but: What a beautiful guy! He has gorgeous eyes too. Cool colours on your washcloth - or maybe I should say Hot colours! Isn't the ballband a fun pattern?

deirdre said...

Hi, Shelley, nice to 'meet' you! Yeah, the one good thing about this weather is that it makes for good knitting!

And Miss Scarlett, thank you for the compliment about Tanner - I think he's pretty good looking myself... and you were the Ballband inspiration - I saw you doing some a while back on your blog, and got interested -