Friday, February 09, 2007

The answer to a burning question...


Just how dumb are mice?

Mom and I had a discussion yesterday about this very thing, and I think I have the answer:


I had two traps set up under my kitchen sink, as this seems to be where they congregate. I was wondering if a mouse saw one of his comrades in a trap, would he pause to think, hmmm, maybe it's not worth the peanut butter? Or would he think, oh, that happens to other mice. Or would he not think and simply act, go for the goods? Well, I don't know what thought processes transpired, but I like to think that perhaps there was an instance of tandem trap-jumping (like an Olympic suicide mission), because there were two this morning, side by side. Very sad, makes me scream every time I catch one, but ultimately, if they haven't been invited, they are not welcome.

Tandem trap jumping... little brown mice, holding paws and yelling 'Bonzai" as they leap for the peanut butter... can you see it?


Miss Scarlett said...

An Olympic Suicide Mission.
Sounds like a competition the Middle East would excel at( pardon my poor manners!).
I hate that. It is a great reason to have a cat - though, they do leave them at the door for you sometimes - but they are wild mice, not mice from under your kitchen sink.
They are so cute - but NOT when they are in your house. Uggh.
I lived in a place once that had a lot of mice - BOLD mice - they would walk across the living room floor when we were on the couch. My room mate was petrified of mice. Our landlord set traps and hotels and finally poison. The 1st dead one I saw broke my heart but yuck they were just so gross. Our entire pantry was one huge set of tupperware! Nothing was in a box or bag.
Actually we didn't live there long and I stayed back home right afterwards. Apparently the mice had got in the Cream of Wheat - when I went to make some I found their droppings. I made sure to tell my brother and sister and hoped they hadn't eaten it.
My brother had just had it the day before. He thought they were raisin bits - he never got sick...

deirdre said...

I was picturing Middle Eastern mice when I wrote that, actually...

and I think I may never be able to look at Cream of Wheat again - raisin bits? I shudder as I type...