Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Yes, I am just as excited as the kids, and I don't care who knows it! It has been snowing without a break for over 24 hours, and so far I have shovelled more than 2 feet worth of the white stuff - and it's still coming down!!!
Snow Day!
I may have been a pioneer or something in another life, because I checked the freezer - lots of food - checked the woodpile - plenty for fires - and, well, didn't have to check my stash or bookshelves but am simply comforted by knowing that I am amply supplied well into the next decade...

At this point there are many kids out front, some I know and others I can't recognize because of extreme bundled-up-ed-ness, but they are hurling themselves over the mountain created by the snow plow, digging tunnels, making angels - makes me absolutely happy... silly, huh?
And the dogs? Oh, the dogs... doing their Pepe LePew imitations hopping through the snowdrifts, Dog in Actionplaying tag around the tree,Maggie in the snow tackling each other... and then, when they come in, something a little, um, odd... Maggie stands in front of Charlie and he licks the ice and snow from her legs and paws. Dog Cleaners AnonymousMaybe a throwback to their ancestry? Maybe just weird...

I received the yarn for my next test sweater yesterday and it is beautiful! Soft, light, knits like a dream, and such colours...
I am also working on a Jaywalker sock, in a colourway to be named at a later date. Jaywalker from HellIt has taken me 6 - count 'em, 6 - tries to get this frigging pattern to work. Started with too large needles, then moved to slightly smaller ones and the smaller size of pattern, which was still too big, and so on, and so on... This has gone on for a week, and now, finally, I think the 6th time is the charm. Honestly, you'd think after knitting for as long as I have, I'd be a little brighter at this sort of thing. Guess that's what keeps it interesting...

such a treat, to have a day off in the middle of the week - I will be complaining about the snow and cold like everyone else in short order, I know, but today, it's been magical...

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Miss Scarlett said...

How marvelous!
I love snow days!
We are having a rain day here - which doesn't stop anything.
I love snow days because they sort of remind us of how days used to be - so slow and ordinary and full of the sounds of children playing and no one having to rush off somewhere. I love the homey-ness of checking your woodpile, bookshelves and cupboards to see that you are equipped to stay at home for awhile and that the world will continue to revolve even if you don't get to work or school.
Of course, it is infinitely better to be home on a snow day and still have access to the internet for blog posting! ;-P
Enjoy your snow day!