Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hi, I'm Deirdre...

and I am technologically impaired.

I went for broke last week, saved everything I could from the hard drive and then proceeded to reformat it. I followed the damned instructions - I am a "follow the instructions" kind of gal, particularly where the computer is concerned. Got a message telling me that Windows would not start unless I reinstalled a certain file, which I couldn't find because I couldn't get into Windows, which wouldn't open unless...

so, one Catch-22 later, I brought it in to my local computer shop, where they kept in for 3 days and told me nothing. Oh, they reinstalled Windows, but were of no use to me in understanding what the problem is. They only speak well to others who understand, which to me totally defeats the purpose of offering computer services to we, the less-than-excellent computer users.
The damn thing is JUST AS SLOW, takes ALL FRIGGING DAY to download one stinkin' audiobook, and generally is not a happy-making machine for me.

So I fume quietly, and work on another sock while I wait for web pages to download. The latest concensus is that it is not a 'hard drive' issue, it is a faulty chip on the mother-f$%^&*g-board, which may necessitate a new machine. Which I can't afford. And really, if I gnash my teeth anymore, I won't be able to afford the dental bills, either.

And for anyone who is reading, if you could possibly send your email addresses to my email account... I lost those, too... thank you

Big breath... find a happy place... maybe some cheese to go with my w(h)ine...

Knit-wise, lots going on, mostly good - I did some test-knitting for a lady in Michigan who has opened a fiber arts gallery - Artisan Knitworks - made two sweaters for her out of gorgeous yarns - silk, mohair, wool - and I guess I did well because she is sending me more work! Such fun to knit with beautiful yarns that I don't have to pay for, and to get paid for it!
Staghorn Cable Sweater - AK
Bulky Pullover - AK
Let's see, what else has been going on? Oh, I finished my Chipman's Block mitts (which ended up being way too big although they are Womens' Medium - next time I'll try DK yarn), and cast on socks for my dad's birthday, which we are celebrating this Saturday, along with my sister-in-law and nephew, who is 1!
Dad's BD Socks

Pattern: International Sock of Doom, by Yarn Monkey (and no, it's no reflection on my dad)
Yarn: Stahl Wolle 'Oxford Tweed', 2 balls, green/black mix - FROM STASH!!!
Started: Feb 4, 2007
Finished: Feb 7, 2007

I finished another gift which had been started before Christmas, and which I LOVE! What I particularly like are the thrums - so-o-o-o soft, they look - and feel - like locks of hair...
Angie's Thrummed Socks
Pattern: Thrummed Socks, pattern and yarn by Fleece Artist
Started: Mid-December 2006
Finished: Feb 6, 2007

And now I am working on a hat and mitts for James, my nephew, using yarn and patterns from Morehouse Farms - this stuff is practically edible, and will likely require further investigation by and for myself in the near future - pics tomorrow when they are (hopefully) done - I will have Gray's Anatomy and CSI tonight, so should get lots accomplished!

I have also started another gift for someone, socks in a perfect colour for this person... can't say too much, they might recognize themselves...

Miss Scarlett, I DO NOT like the Dutch Heel on my socks at all - it doesn't stay in place like a short row heel - did you take yours out? And I will get more pics of Maggie up - and Charlie, don't want anyone feeling left out -

Kelly, I WILL put up a pic of our Sideways socks, but yes, they may be needing something different - I simply cannot see how it will fit...

And Anonknit, nothing in the post yet - hope you and yours have all settled in well post-move, and life has taken on a normal tone (whatever that is...) - I am so glad to have enabled you with the Wallaby - it's actually a lot of fun to knit, something I see myself making again and again over the years...

now, off to my sick son who is on Day 4 of being at home - between keeping him company, and waiting for this machine, lots of knitting time, right?


Sal Mineo said...

Wow! love those beautiful sweaters, you did a great job on them.

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh man - sounds rough.
Poor you.
I will send you my e-mail address tomorrow. I am off and just had to check in - I missed you!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back here and Grrrrr for the computer problems. anonknitATyahooDOTcomDOTau in case you needed it. I am finishing off a couple of projects and them I am getting started on the wallabies for all the children! Life is back to somewhat normal. It will be an interesting year this year as I will be studying at uni Mon - Thurs evenings and home the rest of the time. (and getting paid my regular salary) What a year huh? I love our Defence Forces.


Miss Scarlett said...

Oh somehow I didnt even see the note to me! Sorry.
No - I haven't ripped it out yet. more project I am not working on. I had forgotten about the socks actually til I needed the bag they were in.
When I was scrolling down the page I thought those were 2 toes coming out of your Thrummed sock - gave me a start!!