Thursday, July 24, 2008


(this is where you imagine the sound of a teletype machine spitting out a breaking story)

I am a boob.

I can be fun at parties, can dance in time to music, tell some jokes, appreciate others; you know, not bad company.

But I am a boob.

I frogged my Jaywalker socks, as per my last post, because the colours in the Perfect Day yarns, which I LOVE, were not striping as I envisioned.

So I frogged them, and started Knitspot's Shifty sock pattern, thinking it had been the number of stitches that interfered with the striping sequence. Well, I don't like this pattern either.
Shifty socks

I actually preferred the Jaywalkers.

So in my quest to perfect the striping - pink, turquoise, brown, cream - one of my favourite combinations, in fact - I started to poke around Ravelry to see what other people are making with this yarn.

Guess what?

It's not supposed to stripe the way I pictured it in my twisted little mind. I actually had it right the first time. There are two bands of two colours each - pink/turquoise, brown/cream. It seems that the four colours stripe together in the toe.

Only in the toe.

So I am going to frog one more time, and then... well, I'm not sure. I know this has everything to do with a current lack of focus which seems to be pervading all aspects of my world right now. I'd like to blame it on summer vacation brain. Or hormones - hormones are the perfect scapegoat for so many things. But we all know what the real problem is.

I am a boob.


Sandra said...

welcome to the club. We meet often, even if only in our minds. But we are out there in droves...

deirdre said...

We need t-shirts...

Anonymous said...

I know just how you feel -- better order me one of those t-shirts LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

at least you are a nice boob, a lovely one in fact.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment!

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog, although snorting coffee all o'er the place is not an image I wish to remain in my memory for too long. If I made just one person smile - it was worth it.

Good luck with the Jaywalkers...again!

ya boob!

Anonymous said...

I also agree with the previous comment...but you cannot escape it it's a family thing

Miss Scarlett said...

That totally reminds me of Much Ado About Nothing when Dogberry responds to being called an ass:

' O that he were here to write me
down an ass! But, masters, remember that I am an
ass; though it be not written down, yet forget not 2055
that I am an ass.'

When Michael Keaton delivers the line - I hear you calling yourself a boob in the same tone.

What a shame about your knitting - doncha hate that?