Tuesday, February 14, 2006

fresh meat...

About a month ago, I helped one of my best friends rekindle her long-dormant knitting skills - she had seen a afghan she liked and I looked at it, figured out the pattern ( an easy K2 P3), and told her she could save big cha-ching by knitting it herself -

so she did! Took her two weeks and she now has this gorgeous fluffy ivory afghan, which her husband keeps pretending to spill messy things on rather than just come out and tell her he's proud of her -

so the bug has taken hold, and it's changing her, slowly and insidiously -

we had to (well, that makes it sound like she forced me - I couldn't get the car out of the driveway fast enough!) go yarn shopping last Saturday because she had decided to make another similar afghan for a friend's birthday -

on Monday

and she did it again!!! Gave her friend the afghan, complete with fringe, on Monday morning, and when I saw her later in the day, she mused that perhaps she had killed the bug that was just starting to grow -

wrong - she got home from work yesterday and has now completed about 12" of a scarf for herself - absolutely warms my heart, although now I'll have to think of something else for her birthday rather than the scarf I was going to make -

maybe a gift certificate? Or even better, a day out yarn shopping in Toronto... by Jove, I think I've got it!

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Kelly said...

If a recall a trip you made to WI a few years ago, the peer pressure, the influence you had on me to not only start ONE project but several. As did some deep inhales at the checkout with all this yarn and no ' set pattern ' you reassured me, this is what knitters do. Now, my panic attacks come on when I have less than two projects on the go. And when I see my stash getting smaller, I feel the urge the get more yarn. I've even been desperate at times, and have purchased cheap yarn, just so my stash is plentiful. After all, yarn is yarn, in times of emergencies.