Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Knit, Canada, Knit!

I am Olympic-obsessed at this point - every chance I get the TV is on - and it's never on during the day - and I knit maniacally while I cheer our athletes on -

my cashmere sweater is looking promising - I just attached the sleeves to the body, and have started the raglan shaping for the shoulders - should be well into the V-neck by tomorrow (she types hopefully) -

meanwhile, my house is shamefully neglected - my dust dinosaurs have developed personalities and are talking amongst themselves, and I have learned that neither the dishes nor the dirty clothes will wash themselves, no matter what form of persuasion I employ - on the plus side, they will all still be waiting for me tomorrow, so it's really no big deal to leave them a little longer...

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Rebecca said...

Yay! Your blog is back up!