Saturday, February 11, 2006

Knitting Olympics!

The boys and I cast on yesterday around 4, once everyone had returned from school and been snacked and watered. Both boys knit their little hands off, from 4 till about 9:30 with only a stop for pizza, and both have about 6 - 8" done on their scarves - way to go, guys!!

I know I am giving them a valuable gift - sure, they didn't do any homework yesterday - and no, there was no reading - and we proudly declared the TV room a "vegetable-free zone" for the evening - but they were KNITTING, so the rest is inconsequential...

In the course of our evening, we were chatting about angora bunnies, and I was explaining (poorly, apparently) that the fur is taken from the bunnies in clumps, and then spun into yarn. Don't recall my exact wording, but Ben exclaimed in horror, "You spin the BUNNIES??!". Makes for an interesting image, doesn't it?

Other observations:
* no matter how much yarn you pull out for a long-tailed cast-on, it will not be enough, and it will not be enough by only 4 - 5 stitches.
* Re-knitting the last few stitches very, very tightly will not result in more yarn.
* Yarn made up from 5 separate, small strands is probably not the best choice for deadline knitting, even if it is cashmere. Very difficult to knit without looking, because very difficult to knit without splitting.
* My eyes no longer seem to enjoy moving from close work to the TV screen, and I sense the "B"* word is looming.

* That would be 'bifocals' - hard to even write it...

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