Wednesday, April 12, 2006

just don't get it...

1. Why, after making a perfect little centre-pull ball of yarn on my ball winder, does it turn into this when I start knitting with it?

It's no longer a centre-pull ball, it's a pull-in-every-direction-all-the-time-while-simaltaneously-untwisting-tangled-strands ball, and frankly, it's irritating me...

2. Why am I having so much trouble with the Jaywalker sock pattern? This is my third attempt, and I realized last night - late last night - that all my little lines and angles are great except for this one:

around which I kept blithely knitting, assuming that someone somewhere would make sure that it eventually straightened itself out.

It didn't.

I eventually figured out that I had cast on the stitches called for for the larger size, but I was following the pattern for the smaller size - yet another major 'duh' in what seems to be a decade of 'duhs'.

It's my birthday next week, so I am attributing this, and all future episodes of 'duh'-ness, to my advancing years, and changing hormones.

Wanna make something of it?

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