Thursday, April 26, 2007

Catch up time

Amazing how fast time whips by! I start every day with every intention of writing and updating, and then that day morphs into the next one, and so on, and so on...

so, it was a wonderful, beautiful weekend here, not only because of the stellar weather, but also because of various birthday celebrations:
Charlie turned 6,happy 6th birthday, Charlie! (hmm, hard to capture the essence of an all-black dog - trust me, he's adorable), and I turned somewhat more than 6... no pics, don't want to scare anyone...

Maggie watched the various festivities as only a true lady would,such a lady legs crossed and all - she actually lies like that much of the time, when she's not sprawled with utter abandon all over "her" couch... and praise the lord, her hair is growing back in...

I made a lovely vignette, a la HGTV, in my front foyer with birthday roses:
foyer vignette, and then thought I really should show the whole picture, which is so much more representative of life here:
the real scoop!
I mean, hey, where do you keep your goalie pads?

I scored some excellent birthday gifts, including an authentic Montreal Canadiens jersey with Yvan Cournoyer's name and # (12) on it, courtesy of my sons,
and this:
he's RAKING - Ben was raking, and raked for a good hour with me... the weather was so nice I was actually enjoying raking and de-pooping the back yard... well, as much as one can enjoy that sort of thing...

I was FINALLY allowed to open the box from Kelly, which Ben hid in his closet - funny I didn't spot it because I'm the only one who goes in there... look what she picked up on her trip to Seattle:
'Duets' sock yarn, in the most wonderful fallish colours - and of course, yellow and orange and brown are my favourite colours - thanks so much, Kel! I am going to let you select a pattern, okay?

There was a tragedy in the midst of all the sunshine and rainbows. My old barbecue died. It had done well, several years of hard work -I probably use the barbecue more than the oven, all year round, through ice and snow and sleet and hail, etc. - so, after much consideration, I made what I hope will be a long-term investment:
happy birthday to me! - mine has a copper coloured cover, and is just beautiful! I'll put in a picture of it when it's not raining...

the inaugural grilling was last night:new toy
It will NEVER be this clean again, I fear, so I thought something for posterity would be appropriate...

and look, Ma, no knitting! Well, not true, tons of knitting, as always, but I don't think sweater pieces or an 11" chunk of navy blue bamboo stocking stitch qualify as watchable knitting... but there was some fun stuff in the mail today...

this month's installment from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, which is 85% wool, 15% silk, and just mouthwatering IMG_0296, as well as the monthly selection from the Pick Up Sticks club: IMG_0295

So now I think we're updated - I will put up pictures of my actual knitting next time - oh, and on Saturday I'm off to the Knitters' Frolic, hosted by the Downtown Knitting Collective in Toronto - I am really looking forward to this, as I am taking a drop spindle class in the morning, and checking out the vendors afterwards... think I'll manage to avoid temptation? Think I'll admit I have enough yarn, and just walk on by?

Think again...


Sereknitty said...

Wow, I love all of the new yarn and can't wait to see it being knit. Is your black dog a Flat Coated Retriever?
Happy Birthday. Excellent score on the Habs jersey. I'd prefer a Leafs version with number 27 on it.

deirdre said...

Charlie is a mutt, part Bernese Mountain Dog, part Pointer - he looks like an oversized retriever until he's next to one of his own breeds, and then the resemblance is unmistakable!

So is the #27 for Mahovolich or Sittler? And I am impressed that you are a Leafs fan - aren't you off in the Pacific Northwest somewhere??

Shelley said...

Lovely yarns!! I just learned to drop spindle a few weeks ago, and I'm loving it.

Miss Scarlett said...

Charly you're so young! I always think of large dogs as older for some reason. Man - it must be hard to take a picture of a black dog. I trust you - he looks adorable.
Maggie is such a lady! Isn't that funny - Kira sits like that too, again when she hasn't forsaken all decency on the couch. Thank goodness her hair grows quickly hey?
I like both of those pics - the 2nd one is great - where could you possibly store those? especially when you are going to need them again some 5 am?
Nice to hear you can get out and enjoy some gardening.
Look at that gorgeous yarn! What fantastic colours! She really knows you.
Your new grill looks awesome - what a great investment. I don't even remember ours looking that new, good idea to take a pic.
Enjoy your Knitters' Frolic. Can't wait to see what you buy!!

Anonymous said...

My dog Lucy lounges like Maggie all of the time and I think it looks so lady like. I got a giggle out of the for camera photo and the real life photo.

Kelly said...

Lots of stuff going on. Just don't accidentally put a skein on the bbq, thinking it's an odd shaped bratwurst. The sky is sunny in WI. Major storms last night. Sound of thunder didn't keep anyone awake, except me. Had a cup of coffee after dinner and later realized, it wasn't decaf. I knew at that moment...I was doomed, so went out for an evening walk with Bandit before the rains came again. Just me, the dog, and my headphones ( doggy poo bag in hand). I went to pick up Bandit's buddy, Cooper, for a walk, but he was already out on the town.

Just eating my lunch. Blogging at lunch is my lunchtime antisocial of me.