Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter / 100th Post!

Is that a milestone, or just for me? Anyhow, hope everyone is enjoying their Easter weekend - we had a family gathering yesterday, during which my nephew entertained us all:
Could he be teething?
and I, with all my years of maternal experience, cleverly deduced that he might be teething -

No, dyathink????

We left rather hurriedly for Ben's championship hockey game, at 6:f*%(^g 30 Easter Saturday night - don't even get me started, I wrote letters and made phone calls of complaint, none of which were even acknowledged, never mind returned - this may require a whole 'nother post... AND I had to pay $3 to watch my own son play -

but I digress...

Ben finished with a silver medalSilver Medallist! with which he was very pleased and proud, as were we all -

this morning found me waking the boys at 8:30 to follow their Easter clues around the house - I was up until 1AM writing them, then got up at 5AM to place them everywhere - followed by a really nice brunch at a new restaurant in Burlington right on the lakefront, Spencer's at the Waterfront - great food, wonderful complimentary mimosas, and a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!!

I didn't take pictures because I didn't want to seem too much of a hick, but honestly, if I'd seen that when we entered, I would have skipped the oysters and Eggs Benedict, the olive tapenade and artisanal cheeses, dunked my head under the flow and been perfectly happy. As it was, there was a huge assortment of fresh fruit for dipping, so really, it was healthy chocolate... and for a gal with a case of PMS, well, you just couldn't improve on it...

so now I shall knit, listen to my iPod, curl up by the fire with dogs nearby (yes, it is cold enough to curl up by the fire), and think chocolately, champagney thoughts...



Riggwelter said...

Well done to your son for getting a silver medal and for you having so little sleep and living through it!

Miss Scarlett said...

Congratulations Ben!

OMG - you are such a nice mother. I cannot even begin to think of doing something like that - oh the wrath of me when I have to get up that early in the morning.

Your nephew is so cute! I think you are on to something - time for his molars?

Mmmm Chocolate Fountain. It's a wonder you ate any 'food' at all!

100th post is a major milestone! Way to go!!