Friday, April 20, 2007

Finally.... SPRING!! and other observations

It's gorgeous out here - 18 degrees Celsius by my thermometer - just think, two days ago I had the heater on in the car because I was chilled... and in another two days it will probably be hot enough for people to complain about it -

welcome to Spring in southern Ontario!

I have lilac buds:IMG_0282 - I swear they weren't there yesterday! And I'll bet that by Sunday they will be out in bloom... any takers?

So, in keeping with Wendy and Julie of Samurai Knitter fame, I am going to share a shot of my fridge, in all it's chaotic glory:
IMG_0279, with a couple of close-ups of things that always make me laugh out loud:
IMG_0280 (either the card or the screwy pic of my kids)

Please note that the white cupboards and Holly Hobby wallpaper in the kitchen were here when I moved in - they are NOT my choice, and are, in fact, the bane of my existence... dogs? boys? WHITE and CUTESY? Please...

Julie also pointed out on her blog that CNN is running a poll about preferred leisure activities, and knitting is one of them. When I voted this morning, it wasn't even in the top ten, so let's see if we can change that - go here, and let's see if we can't mess with their statistics, shall we?

Another observation - when Maggie had her now infamous "this is SO NOT a retriever" haircut recently, the gal who trimmed her asked if I wanted to get her nails painted. I almost fell over laughing, then realized she was serious and was struck speechless. She assured me that everyone gets it done, Maggie has nicely shaped nails (???!!!!), and she had a shade of red that would work well with her colouring.

She's a DOG, for God's sake - I don't get my own nails done, never mind my dog - but she had filed Maggie's nails in preparation for colouring:Maggie's manicure

is it me, or are things just getting too weird?

And in response to your comments, there is a birthday coming up here this weekend - Kelly very kindly sent a box with a big note on it telling me not to open it until the actual day. So Ben took it and hid it somewhere. And I don't know where. And I know there's yarn in there. And really, it's killing me.

Miss Scarlett, the bamboo is developing a wonderful drape, but is fairly splitty to knit, so I have to pay a little more attention while working. Given that it's navy blue stockinette for 11", this is quite a challenge.

And yes, my passport picture was almost exactly as I described - my mother saw it and laughed hysterically - my own mother - so you know it's bad... and I'm stuck with the thing for 5 years.

And finally - Sanjaya is gone!!! I have NEVER watched a reality show, have actually prided myself on being 'above that', until this year when the boys begged me to watch American Idol with them. I am hooked, utterly hooked, and Sanjaya has become a thorn in my side... hmm, maybe I'm a little overinvolved.

But he's gone, and the sun is shining, and it's the weekend, and it's going to be beautiful - so all is right with the world...


Sal Mineo said...

Happy birthday Deirdre!!

Miss Scarlett said...

She filed Maggie's nails?!
Did you neglect to mention that you carried Maggie in a shoulder bag?
Actually, my Mom has many times said "we should paint Kira's nails". Honestly. She is not trendy so I don't know what that is about but 6 yrs and counting and Kira has gone unpolished!
I love the idea of taking a picture of your fridge. I am totally going to do that.
And I certainly will vote at CNN -- might share the link too.
Yay for Spring - and Lilacs. Blooms open by Sunday? When spring arrives there it really arrives.

Riggwelter said...

Sadly I can't have pictures on mt fridge, Mavis would eat them! Cool idea though, loved your pics (and wallpaper! hee hee)

Oh and Knitting is now at No 3!!Yay!

Carol said...

Love the 'frig picture. Mine doesn't look so hot, and I refuse to take a photo. Welcome to Knitting in Ontario ring.

Kelly said...

Well, I got my kitty a nice sparkly diamond pink collar, and I think she held her head a little higher. Maybe you need to give the dog polish a try...and then take a picture, of course. Some folks are into dying their pets fur too. Not sure if that is healthy?

Well, do share on your blog the yarn you received! I want to see, even though I sent it. I'm a bloggless friend so I need to live vicariously through your blogging.

deirdre said...

You only got a sparkly collar for one of your cats? Won't the other get jealous??