Monday, August 27, 2007

What would YOU do in a situation like that?

(Apologies to those non-Napoleon Dynamite folks out there...)

So, the kids are gone, and not just gone, but out of contact. This has been much harder than I expected. So what would you do?

My solution? Head to Kensington Market, for the final 'Pedestrians Only' Sunday afternoon of the season.

And what is in Kensington Market? Lettuce Knit, of course. And why was it most appropriate that I be there yesterday? Why, because they were having a 10% off all sock yarn and fall courses kind of day, of course. I know, I know, I made a big proclamation about no more random buying of yarn for at least the next 6 months. But I am pining for my young men, and nothing soothes the pining maternal breast like a good shot of yarn store.

I'm still pining, but I'm doing it with help. Like this:
Finally!  Posh sock yarn!, the cashmere/wool blend Posh sock yarn...
and this
4 each of these handmade note cards.
And thisP1000848, because everyone needs decent fridge magnets.
And thisP1000852tote bag that folds into the little pouch clipped to the left, because it's environmentally friendly, and I am trying to be more so.
Oh, and the dyeing handpainted yarn course I am signed up for in October with Laura of Cosmicpluto, because just the idea of learning something new makes me a little excited.

Am I still pining? Of course; I expect to be feeling like this all week. But this certainly has helped to take the edge off, just a little...

so forgive me, ye gods of yarn, but it was all I could do...


Riggwelter said...

Oh what a great haul, and that yarn looks divine!

You'll get through the week, keep busy.

msubulldog said...

Hi, Dierdre! I'm so excited you're joining our New Pathways Knitalong! Would you please send me your email address so I can send you a Blogger invite? Thanks.
amanda AT the-woodruffs DOT net

Miss Scarlett said...

Oooh - love the way you cope with your problem!

The yarn is gorgeous - and so is your tote bag.

The magnets are so funny. I collect all kinds of fridge magnets - it never gets old.

The class you are signed up for sounds like a lot of fun too. Can't wait to hear all about it.

("Your mother goes to college")