Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Drumroll, please...

This is my kitchen faucet. Nice faucet, you say, but who the hell cares, and why did I just waste a few precious seconds of my life looking at it? Well, it's my new kitchen faucet - the old one broke in my hand yesterday, sending rushing water non-stop into the sink.

I turned off the water to the house, dragged my surprisingly cooperative sons to Home Depot (I think they have learned to recognize panic, and wisely react accordingly), and installed it myself - wait, read that again - installed it myself! Sure, it took me four hours instead of the one promised on the box, and I banged my head enough to qualify me for a phrenology study, and I dropped the wrench on my face a couple of times - but I did it and it works. Okay, so you have to twist the tap a little farther back than I would like to get cold water - but again, it works, and I did it.

I am woman, hear me roar (I've used that line before here, but it's so appropos).

in other news, I had a hugely dyslexic moment with my socks yesterday - I am knitting two socks on two circs, cuff down, and got to the heel with no problem - having done this same thing toe-up, I knew that doing the two heels can be tricky, but hey, been there, done that -

I could not for the life of me see how these ones would work - I passed half of each sock onto the same circ, only to find they were backwards, moved them back and tried the other way - this kept me entertained for an hour or so - finally, I pulled off both socks, put them on seperate needles, and then placed them where I wanted them on the two circs - really not for the perceptually or time challenged -

but we are on track, heels are done, and I have 10 days to get the feet done and socks in the mail to my Secret Pal - thank God she has little feet! - I just hope I get these babies done before she figures out who I am...

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