Friday, August 25, 2006

what makes a knitter happy?

A day spent yarn-shop browsing with a friend, that's what -

yesterday my friend Kathy and I FINALLY got to her birthday gift from me (said birthday was in March), which was in part a day in Toronto yarn shopping and lunching- it was just a wonderful day -

started here at Lettuce Knit,

which thrilled me, because I get their newsletter but hadn't yet been there - it was lovely, cozy and utterly cute, and so much great stuff - I treated myself to this from the Fleece Artist: which I had actually planned on treating myself to, so it was a guilt-free kind of thing - the photo does not do justice to the many shades of brown, and the shininess, the glistening, of the yarn - I guess it's the combination of silk and sea cellulose - I cannot WAIT to start!

we strolled around Kensington Market, which I had not seen in many years, and Kathy hasn't seen ever, and fell in love with Fresh Baked Goods, which has the most delightful assortment of sweaters, bags, jewellery - no purchases but much drooling -

made our way over to Romni Wools, which was what I really wanted Kathy to see - my mom and I had been years before, and I remember us having to go across the street to have coffee and collect ourselves before venturing back to make actual purchases. Purchases were made this time, too, although I was very restrained - it did seem to be a Fleece Artist kind of day for me, though...
Thurmmed socks which will be a birthday gift for someone, and the other two sock yarns for me (I say that now, but I will probably end up making them for someone else).

I didn't get a shot of what Kathy came out with, but it's the most gorgeous light to dark green to aqua hand-dyed yarn (Fleece Artist again) with a pattern for a wrap - just stunning!

Well, needless to say, we were almost faint with longing and, oh, yes, hunger, by this point, so we spied a very cool Caribbean restaurant across the street, Irie, with very funky menus and totally delicious food - my first-ever jerk chicken, and I think I'm hooked -

and look at the view from our table, which was right by the sidewalk in an open windowcould have just zipped back across the street, but no, we fought the urge - somehow, it was enough just knowing that it was right there and we could have if we'd wanted to - and besides, it was 4:15 by the time we were done, and rush hour was in full swing, and we both had dogs to get home to-

so a wonderful, adventurous day - didn't get to the Knit Cafe as I'd hoped, but we'll just have to go again, right?

In knitting news, my SP gift is DONE, blocking, and will be in the mail Monday, I hope - working on a little something for my One Skein SP and am hoping that that might be ready for Monday too - what would the world be without my rose-coloured glasses?


Shugahface said...

Sea cellulose?! I don't even know what that is - I'll bet that yarn is lucious though. It looks deep and chocolatey.

Lettuce Knit! THE Lettuce Knit of Yarnharlot fame? That shop looks incredible.

Sadly in my part of Canada there are not many yarn shops. There is one Gelato & Yarn place here in my town, and like 3 in the metropolis 1 hr from me.
Everything else is Michael's or Wal Mart. But I did manage to get some $1 dishcloth making cotton at both of those establishments last weekend...My favourite yarn store was closed. On a Sunday. Oh, and Monday for good measure. Blast!

Lunch looks crazy - cool menus. Jerk chicken is delicious.

Hope you have enjoyed this SP exchange -- ooh, look at your older post for my comment. Somehow I didn't read that paragraph - a wormhole must have opened or something.

Miss Scarlett said...

You got me!

How did you do that?

I agree there are a lot of similarities between us - isn't that funny? What are the odds when you see the long list of participants over at SP8.

Now we can talk in the open!

Miss Scarlett said...

Ok - do you have an e-mail address?

Sockwars! Ha. I knew it would be the undoing of me - I thought it would take until I had to knit a PAIR of socks though. LOL.

That library list is cool. I learned about it @

The garterlac has an excellent tutorial available. I had to use it extensively. Check out the Dishcloth KAL to get there.

This is so fun now that we know each other!