Monday, August 07, 2006

Lessons learned...

In my travels over the past week - two separate trips up north - I have learned several items of note:

1. One can never be grumpy while jumping on a trampoline.
2. Trampolines are for the young of body, unless one is equipped with Depends.
3. 45 is no longer to be considered young of body, and should qualify one for the aforementioned Depends, particularly while bouncing on a trampoline.
4. Fish tastes better straight out of the lake and into the pan.
5. There will always be a bigger fish, and it will always get away.
6. It is very hard to top the sense of contentment one finds sitting beside a quiet lake, knitting, while knowing that a mere three hours away others are suffering through what was described as a record-breaking heat, and I don't mean that to sound smug but rather, appreciative.

So now my children and I are all back from our assorted travels - for now - and are very happy to be home with pets and friends and laundry.

While I was gone I decided to make a pair of socks for my Secret Pal (SP8) in a multi-green Blauband yarn - another lacy pattern, this one from Knitty - my SP likes green, and I know she's made herself some lovely socks, so I hope these go over well...
I am also working on my own lacy socks, which I think are just the cutest thing - yes, I seem to be in a lacy phase right now, not sure why...
and I am continuing to work on the Lotus Blossom tank, although now I am listening to "The Thin Man", having finished "The Maltese Falcon" a few days ago - it works equally well...

so we are settled until next week, when I take my kids camping for three days at Bon Echo Park in eastern Ontario - more as it happens...


Shugahface said...

You are camping crazy! Isn't it fun? I am taking the kids I work with camping for 2 nights starting tomorrow.

I love to wake up in a tent.

I think your SP will love the socks! What a lovely thing to do.
I am getting a little sad that this is about to be over.

I can't remember if we are allowed to reveal ourselves yet or that is OS Exchange...sorry.

Have a great time camping. Your lacey socks look fantastic.

Dipsy D. said...

Oh yep, you sure learned a couple of interesting things! But hey, that fish is big, I bet it tasted so yummy! And I love your socks, they're coming along so nicely - I totally adore those lace patterns! You know, I've been heavily bitten by the sock knitting bug lately, and gosh, aren't lace patterns just the best ever for socks? Looking forward to seeing more pics!