Friday, August 11, 2006

Lucky me!

Such fun, doing secret pal exchanges - I just love putting together little packages and knowing that my pals don't know where things are coming from, and I get such a kick out of getting stuff, too, once I get past the guilt (yes, I have guilt) -

like this, from my One Skein secret pal:
I see a baby blanket and a washcloth in my future... actually, I wanted to make a washcloth using the 'Chinese Waves' pattern - don't have the link handy - so this was very timely - thank you so, so much!

And this, through the Sock of the Whenever list

the yarn and pattern are just beautiful, LOVE the colours, and a fridge magnet, too - this one's a little trickier, because I don't know who sent it - no note or card - and quite frankly, the suspense is KILLING me - so please, speak up, oh wonderful benefactor, that I may thank you properly -

what a great group knitters are...

in other words, my sons and I made our way through all 4 Batman movies over the past couple of nights - and no, I don't think it's strange - at my suggestion, we spent one whole day over Christmas Break watching all 6 Star Wars movies back to back - I was born to be a couch potato, I think, certainly have the right build...

but I digress...

my youngest son and I feel that the first Batman was the best, and Michael Keaton was the best Batman - hard to admit because of my deep feelings for George Clooney - my elder son likes the third Batman because Jim Carrey, his favourite actor, is in it.

and yes, I knit through it all... as if you had to ask

so, any other opinions on Batman? Personally, I think the original TV series and movie were the ABSOLUTE best (I mean, really, can you do better than Adam West?), but from the recent flicks, what do you think?

I am off now to spend this sunny, beautiful afternoon in an Imax theatre with my sons watching the new Superman, about which I have grave doubts, in spite of Kevin Spacey's involvement... I'll get back to y'all...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you finally got the package and like everything :)
One Skein Pal

Shugahface said...

Ok - Chinese Waves. Are you serious?! That is what I made for your surprise. Back to the drawring board! I'll still send them to you of course.

This is just eerily funny.

I think Michael Keaton was the best Batman of that series. Batman returns is my favourite of the movies. I love Tim Burton's darkness. And the snow. I love the snow. It is such an atmospheric movie.

However, I really liked the Christian Bale Batman - a little too much of the training on a mountain edge - I was surprised by how much I enjoyed his Batman. Katie Holmes on the other hand...yipes.

Superman was much better than I expected. A little too much (ok, a LOT too much) bluescreen action going on - I was starting to wonder if there even was an actor under all those digital effects. BUT Kevin Spacey has utterly redeemed himself - and that movie. He shines, he glows, he is brilliant - a great blend of over the top scheming and frsutrated ego.

I say redeemed himself because I hated Life of David Gale so much. Oh, and then Bobby Darrin.

Anyways - nice to have a chat like this!