Monday, August 28, 2006

Thank you, OSSP

Just got the mail, and in it found my last package from my One Skein Secret Pal -

thanks so much, Barb! Such fun this has been:

The bag is just beautiful, and as I have just started thinking about knitting washcloths again, the yarn is perfect! Thanks so very much, for everything!

My pals for SP8 and I have also been detecting of late, and now we all know who each other is - are? Our identities have been revealed (makes me feel like a demasked superhero), and it's almost as much fun as being hidden...

The dogs are recuperating from a visit by Mrs. Paws, our local mobile dog groomer - they look so very much better - I had let Maggie go a little too long between trims, and she had actual rastas sprouting from the top of her head - very cool, but very impractical for a dog. And now, she can see! Charlie just gets a wash and a blow dry, and usually ends up with an Elvis thing going on:
Tomorrow - oh, joy, oh bliss - the boys go for the human version of Mrs. Paws - maybe I'll be able to see their eyes!!!!!

In closing, Ben has decided to start making hats again - he found a colour of Lion Brand Thick and Chunky he likes, and cast on a hat right away with his knitting hoop. This is how boys knit:

because you never know when you might have to defend yourself against those who would interfere with your knitting...


Barb said...

I'm glad it arrived this has been a lot of fun :)

Miss Scarlett said...

Hilarious! I love that picture with the gun.

Ok - my e-mail address is

Now - garterlac. Ok I found that I had to ignore some of the directions - sounds crazy, I know.

Example - if you are about to make your 1st square (that is where I got stuck) the directions tell you to pick up 8 sts, knit, turn, knit 7 SKP
Pick up 8 sts - knit 7 SKP then turn and follow the rest of the directions.
This may happen every other time - it did for me.

When you go to SKP it is into the 2nd triangle from the original 3 you made that you are knitting.

I hope that helps - I am as per usual, running late or I would have e-mailed you directly.
I have got to put your e-mail address right into my address book to speed up this process.

Have a great day - let me know how garterlac goes.

Hey the dogs look great - can't wait to see the boys faces/eyes too!

Tanya said...

Your family looks great, even when shaggy :)

Kelly said...

Hey, after a summer away from your blog, I am now catching up on some of your eye catching knits. The dunes look absolutely amazing. And do tell Tanner, that Sam would be proud of his knits. Maybe if I put a gun near the knitting needles, he would become inspires. Actually his version of knitting is to rip out Anna's. Anna has taught several others the art of finger knitting. She will be a little star this year at her Brownie gatherings. We will plan a special activity.

Anyways, keep on writing. I am listening.