Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Home again, home again

jiggety jig...

one good thing to come of all the rain

in spite of rain every day, and an average high temperature of only 65 frigging degrees, we had a lovely week away...our home for the week
we lucked into a fabulous cottage, secluded, big, comfortable, with a wonderful picture window looking onto Oxtongue Lakeview off the cottage balcony.

We managed to swim, canoe and kayak whenever there were sunny patches, and worked in a couple of hikes as wellbeaver dam at Mizzy Lake, Algonquin Park
The boys are actually standing beside a beaver dam, near which we saw a baby beaver scampering across the top of one of their huts - just so cool!

There was wildlife:is it live, or is it not??oh yeah - it's wildlifewildlife in the north
Yes, some of them are stuffed, but the question is... which ones??

Lots of reading, and board games, and knitting, and no fights or squabbles to speak of - I was chatting with another gal staying at the same place who had been there for 2 weeks - same icky weather, but her three kids don't get along, and none of them read, so she was really looking forward to getting out of there. Makes me even more thankful for my young men, I must say...
No, we're not related... not at all
Funny, I don't see how much they look alike normally, but when they paused in front of the window like this, I had to make them stop for the photo - I am shocked at the similarity!

My almost-done Monkey socks enjoyed breakfast on the deckmonkey socks on vacation, and I made progress on my toe-ups in the 'Regiment' colourway of Twisted yarn - is this not one of the neatest colourways ever? I am seriously in love with these socks - yarn itself is springy and so soft it feels like I'm knitting with roving...
sock in progress

Before we left, I got myself a gig knitting for my new LYS, Spun Fibre Arts, which is making me very happy indeed - I completed a felted tote bag from Louet Riverstone in Chunky first job for LYS, 'Spun'and then while we were away completed a tank top in Nashua's 'Cilantro', which is just wonderful to knit with - soft and stretchy, lovely on the handsNashua 'Cilantro' tank for LYS

I am also doing some work for Cindy at Apple Laine, whose yarn is a dream to knit with - I have made socks with it, and they wear like iron while being incredibly soft and springy - wool/mohair/silk - lovely, lovely stuff - Apple Laine test knitI am taking my time with this one to make sure I get it right, and also because I am genuinely enjoying the process... fortunately, this is not a deadline project, so I can indulge myself

Charlie has had a bit of trouble of late - he gained 5 pounds in only a month, and we finally figured out he has hypothyroidism, so he started on supplements and lost 10 pounds in two weeks. Needless to say, I am eyeing his supplements with a renewed interest...

then he got a bug bite, which he proceeded to nibble and gnaw at - he chewed his tail raw, ripped the hair off until it looked like a hunk of raw meat in between black tufts of fur - stomach-turning... so he spent some time decked out in a collar and wrapa walking hot spot, which didn't help that much. I did find out that he follows me constantly and closely, much more closely than I realized. I have circle-shaped bruises on the backs of my thighs to prove it, too - every time I stopped walking, he would plow into my back with his cone - so we lost the cone pretty quickly...

and now we are home, and it's summer vacation, my favourite, favourite time of the year - I am an aberration among my friends, but I love having the boys home, and wish the summer was longer...

wait... what's that I hear in the distance? Is it the call of the wild? Ohhhh, no, call of the pile... laundry, that is...

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Miss Scarlett said...

Call of the Pile!!

What a great vacation - I can't feel sorry for that lady, I think a lot of what your kids are into depends on what you do together and if kids are raised on tv...but anyways. (I don't assume much do I?)

Love the photo of your boys profiles - that is an awesome shot. They really do look quite alike.

Poor Charlie - that is dreadful when dogs just keep chewing at themselves. And aren't they hopeless with cones?

You sure accomplished a lot of knitting while you were away, good for you! love the stripes on your Twisted socks. They're great.

Welcome home!