Thursday, July 26, 2007

News Flash!!!

Someone has taken over my feet!lookin' good!
And no, I don't have a foot fetish or anything - I just treated myself to a pedicure yesterday, and can't stop jumping every time I look down, thinking that someone else's feet have been screwed onto my legs... toes are still webbed, though, and I am embarassed at how much work it took the poor girl to make them presentable (because I spend most of time barefoot, and I only treated myself because my heels were getting caught in the carpet... file under: things you didn't need to know).

really doesn't take much to amuse me...

News Flash the second: I received my invite to Ravelry, and am absolutely astounded by the scope of this thing. I've only done a little playing with it so far, but I feel like I'll need a week all alone on the computer to really appreciate everything it offers - what an amazing job they've done!!!

News Flash the third: my children are off on a 3-day RV trip with their father, who rented a honkin' RV for himself, the boys, and two of their friends. I have been invited to come up and visit, and have had to do some soul searching... trapped in a trailer with 5 males, one of whom I am no longer married to, or sit in my backyard with coolers, audiobooks, and knitting at the ready...


so, I'm just in from the backyard, having finished one of my work projects:
P1000697 (the dark spots are where it is still wet from being blocked - I'll do a nicer pic when it's dry)
Project: Ribbon Tied Hoodie, by Debbie Bliss
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakhan and Cashmerino Aran
Needles: 4.5mm
Started: July 18, 2007
Finished: July 26, 2007 (an unavoidable delay having been created by Harry Potter himself)
Cute little thing, lots of ends to weave in, but the yarn is very, very soft!

So, onto Harry UK Kids' Cover I dragged out the reading as much as possible - kept finding errands to run, laundry to do, which is totally out of character for me where these books are concerned (actually, finding laundry to do is out of character for me at any time) ... I just didn't want to finish it! Started Saturday AFTERNOON (see previous post), and finished Monday afternoon...


I don't think I've cried so much reading a book before, and I do mean cried - partly the story, which I thought was wonderful except for the last little bit, which struck me as trite and something of a let-down, and partly knowing I would have to bid farewell to these characters... no, these people... whom I have come to know and care for over the years. I am still bummed - started it again and am moving through much more slowly this time, because I must have missed all sorts of subtleties in my first gobbling of the book. I am a little worried about what to read next, as this will be a tough act to follow, but I think this might do:
Reading the dust jacket made me laugh out loud, so hopefully the book lives up to my expectations...

Still working on the Lake Placid pullover for Artisan Knitworks Sample for AK - Lake Placid Pullover, as well as the shrug for Applelaine.

Oh, I finished my Monkey socks - will post a pic later - and can now start something NEW... choosing it might prove to be a challenge - I am still working on the straightforward toe-ups posted previously, so maybe something more complicated? Perhaps the latest installment from Blue Moon? Hmm, too much to contemplate right now... other priorities... what flavour of cooler do I feel like right now?

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Miss Scarlett said...

Oh boy...what to respond to first.

Well...the invite to the trailer...that is a sticky wicket, isn't it? Or potentially a sticky wicket.

Not knowing any of your history I really can't advise you except to say, consider it closely (which it sounds like you are doing anyways). Let us know what you decide/how it goes.

Now on to Potter. I know. I. Know.

I am relieved that someone else was crying just because it was the end - I was starting to feel a little weird about that. But really. I am re-reading it too (umm and I wrote the same thing - about the subtleties! scary) much more slowly. Like a chapter a day so far.

I didn't like the epilogue much either - it was a little too-too sappy. Although I did tear up over Albus Severus.

Anyways...can't remember what else I was going to say...Your new book looks interesting. Tell us more next time.