Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's a Puzzler...

Years ago, I made a Seaman's Scarf (I'd link it but I don't remember where the pattern came from) from quiviut yarn (again, no memory, no link) as a gift for a friend Quiviut Seaman's Scarf(and those are wrinkles from its being rolled up waiting for my attention)
Said scarf was recently returned to me because of this:
Holes provided by those who must not be named...
It is absolutely riddled with moth holes! Oh, sure, the moths have good taste, but it's just heartbreaking!

And of course, I used every possible bit of the yarn for the scarf, so I have no bits for mending.

After much consideration, I think what I will have to do is frog it, and then reknit something similar, but likely a little smaller.

On the plus side, I had forgotten just how delicious quiviut is - the scarf is virtually weightless, and so warm... I think I've gotten more selfish over the years, because I doubt very much I'd be able to part with it now.

Here is the Ribbon Tied Hoodie from Debbie Bliss for my LYS, after drying:
Ribbon Tied Hoodie, Debbie Bliss I posted it on Ravelry, and mistakenly linked it to an incorrect pattern... I was soon corrected by one of the editors for the incorrectly cited book, and the link was removed before I could shamefacedly apologize... my, how information travels!

I am still overwhelmed with Ravelry, but I play with it whenever I can eke out some time - truly astonishing, the work, the information, the people... makes my head spin!

Still slogging - yes, slogging - away on my Toe Up socks (thank you, Wendy) in the Regiment colourway of Twisted Fiber Arts 'Arista' yarn. Love the colours, love the feel of the yarn, hate how long it's taking. I suppose if I were working on them exclusively, they'd be whipping along, but between work knitting, gardening, and amusing the boys, well, you know...

The boys will be off next week on a trip with their dad, so I have BIG plans - house stuff, knitting stuff, maybe some dyeing stuff, maybe even some spinning stuff?

Have I ever mentioned my tendency to think bigger than I can do? Yup, it's a definite puzzler...

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Miss Scarlett said...

Arggh!! That is what moths can do to knitting?
I am totally buying some of that herbal moth jazz for my yarn stash - I cannot believe the number of moths heading into our house these days. I had sort of always thought that was myth about moths and woolens (shows how little I know!) but now, now I am scared.

I have never used Quiviut - sounds pretty luxe.

It is so easy to make Big Plans - are there other kinds? I keep losing track of how many Big Plans I am making for my 4 day weekend and making other Big Plans.

Can't wait to see what you do this weekend!