Friday, April 04, 2008

He's a Tween!


Today Ben is 12 - I cannot believe I am saying that about my baby, but there you go - he's 12!! Twelve years ago today I felt my water break at 4 in the morning, dropped Tanner off at my mom's and rushed to the hospital, thinking that this time I might get to deliver naturally. We waited... and walked... I had some labour pains and decided that another c-section might actually not be so bad... and waited... and walked... and finally around 7pm, they brought me in for surgery.

Picture 002

They inserted the needle for the epidural, which prompty snapped off in my spine - I remember a lovely, kind nurse holding her forehead to mine, speaking calmly and soothingly, assuring me everything was fine. The doctors tried again, successfully this time, and they went to work. I remember the surgeon howling with glee at the size of Ben, 10LB 1OZ, after having just delivered two 5 LB twins. I saw the size of his head and said a HUGE thank you to the powers above for the c-section. He was actually holding his head up in the recovery room, which frightened another nurse to bits.

It was kind of weird, but I knew he was a boy, and I knew his name was Ben, the instant I figured out I was pregnant. His father was worried that I hadn't even considered other names, but I just knew. Never argue with a pregnant woman.


Now, at 12, Ben is almost as tall as me (5'7"). He has a wild sense of humour, which keeps his brother and I in stitches. He has a huge heart, and is very sensitive to the needs and thoughts of others, sometimes to his own detriment. Ben will try almost anything once, and as his teacher told me, marches to his own drum while maintaining a close-knit group of "peeps". He loves hockey, playing and watching, performs magic, can knit, likes reading, and will still give me a hug and a kiss even if his friends are around. What a blessing this guy has been - I am so proud of him, and love him with all my heart...
knitting 007
Happy Birthday, Ben!