Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Little Known but Interesting Facts

  • A fresh watermelon, left to its own devices on the counter, may at some dark moment decide to explode.
  • Rather than watermelon shell carnage, said explosion may only reveal itself as a small hole in the side, suggesting more of a watermelon volcano.
  • The resultant body of fluid on the floor has the approximate volumetric content of a Great Lake, Superior maybe.
  • Two dogs with no diagnosed hearing deficiencies will not hear a watermelon volcano, will not be aware of the lake, until it is being mopped up. At that time, it will become the greatest treat since rawhide, and will require much wading and lapping.
  • Volcanic watermelon juice is sticky. Very sticky.
  • Dogs with long or curly hair should not wade through, or lap up, volcanic watermelon juice.

Between you and me, I think the tomatoes put him up to it. They look a little too smug in their bowl, and if any of you have seen Attack of the Killer Tomatoes... Well, it's not so far-fetched...