Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thanks, all

for your comments and interest in my vest dilemma - I think I'll swatch (yeah, I know, you heard it here first) - right, SWATCH, the pattern stitch with the lighter and darker yarns alternating, and see if it looks more like a design element than a cheesey effect. Maybe I'll organize a betting pool to see which seems more likely.

Tomorrow, however, I am off for a different sort of adventure - having a little bit of surgery ("just a bit of harmless brain alteration, Gromit" - not really) after which I am told to expect a 6 - 8 week period of recovery.

Part of me is envisioning lots of knitting and reading, lots of lady-of-leisure activity. The bigger part of me knows that being out of commission for that long will likely kill me - or result in injury to those who dare to come close to me. I won't be able to drive for the first week, and the loss of independence, however temporary... well, let's just say it may not be pretty.

So I'll hopefully be back online in a few days... for now I have to figure out which audiobooks to put on my iPod (which I was told not to bring in with me because they are being STOLEN while people are IN SURGERY - so the boys will have to bring it in tomorrow night - and they tell me this as a matter of routine!!), and which knitting projects I might be able to play with... because I have my priorities in order...

later, dudes...