Thursday, July 23, 2009

So my question is this...

as seen in the bathroom of our cottage at the Blue Spruce Resort

if it's strong enough to actually bleach towels, do you really want to use it on your face???

Friday, July 17, 2009

So what else have you got??

The boys and I are back from our annual sojourn to the Blue Spruce Resort on Oxtongue Lake.
IMG_0615 The weather was 80% cold and wet, 20% sunny and hot, but we still had a fabulous time.

Lots of reading, Monopoly-playing (Ben kicked butt), semi-wildlife
Not that he's desperate or anything
This guy pecked at my toes thinking they were peanuts - he has a very sharp beak...
Landed just beside us as we walked through the Algonquin Logging Museum

some picnicking IMG_0574
At Lake of Two Rivers, just before a school of canoes filled with Japanese tourists pulled in directly in front of our table and started snapping photos - I kid you not

but only a little knitting, some of which I'll show you now (other photos haven't been uploaded yet) -
Fuschia sock test knit
ask me why there was only a little knitting - go ahead...

well, on our first night I broke the middle finger of my left hand, not battling wild animals with a canoe paddle or anything, but playing tetherball...

for god's sake

I managed the week, was able to canoe a little, knit a little, drink maybe more than a little (not really, not when the boys are there, it just makes it sound better), but after not being able to bend it for 10 days, I went to our local Urgent Care clinic to have it looked at.

Broke a chunk off my middle knuckle, and have to keep the finger taped to it's neighbor until I see the plastic surgeon next week to discuss what happens next.

As if that's not bad enough, we are three weeks to Sock Summit, which I find myself fortunate enough to be attending. I've even gotten into the classes I wanted, and am totally pumped about this huge adventure.

Unless I have to have surgery.

Okay, so I am in a funk about my hand. While we were gone I had a call from the kennel, informing me that Charlie had a rash which needed to be seen by the vet. He came home like this IMG_0643 and commenced head-butting me until I took the thing off.

Two nights ago, I went out in the backyard with the dogs around 11:30 for their nightly ablutions. Maggie suddenly dove into and charged out of a bush, spat something out and continued spitting. Charlie plowed out of another bush sneezing and shaking his head. Turns out that what I thought were bunnies living under our back porch are, in fact,


Maggie found an injured baby and was carrying it, but I am guessing didn't like the taste. Charlie got a full-on spray in the face. We spent a good hour shampooing and sneezing and swearing (some of us more than others). I called Animal Aid the next morning to come and get the injured baby skunk, and was told that they do not help with getting rid of them but could refer me to a fairly pricey service who might help.

Charlie still stinks, and he knows it. I have been using this stuff recommended by the local pet store - using it a couple of times a day on the poor guy, and still when he leaves the room it's like shades of Pepe LePew...

and we're only into the 3rd week of summer vacation...

so come one - what else have you got?????

Hope everyone else's summer has been a little less eventful...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Canada Day

I'm not going to say "Happy Canada Day" because I find, for holidays other than Christmas, New Year's or birthdays, it just sounds silly.  Like, Happy Easter.  Just sounds all wrong to me, I don't know why.

Not to say that I am not happy to be a Canadian, nor that I don't think our country and heritage is worth celebrating.  Couldn't be further from the truth.  I just don't like wishing people Happy Canada Day, and I need a word other than silly to explain why.

My day today is a gift... most things are closed, so I can't go anywhere.  I have little $$ right now, which is further incentive to lay low.  My kids are off on their annual 'Lord of the Flies' RV trip with their dad and one of their friends.  So I shall putter.  

Lord, how I loves me a day to putter.  

While it's decent out, I shall putter in the garden.  When it rains, as is promised for later, I'll putter inside.  One advantage to living in a relatively clean but disorganized house is that there is endless puttering to be done.  Tonight, I join a similarly-childless friend for wine and (weather permitting) fireworks-watching on her beachfront.

Happy to be Canadian?  You betcha.  Just don't make me say it.