Saturday, December 29, 2007

What a ride...

Well, once the gifts were wrappedWrapping Elves,
the cookies decorated can I help you with those cookies? (with assistance, of course), and the blackmail efforts put forth seasonal blackmail, we had ourselves a wonderful Christmas! I only hope yours was as much fun - I now find myself the owner of an iTouch, which, for a wannabe-techie like me, is a total blast to play with!

The kids got an XBox 360, with Guitar Hero II, and this has proven to be the hit of the party - I pretty much suck, but get such a kick out of it that I don't care...

Handknitted gifts were finished on time (okay, one with only about 1 hour to spare before being handed over, but it was done, okay?!):
Grinchy socks from Blue Moon Fiber ArtsGrinchy socks, with my own label, thanks to Carole ooohh, pretty label;

Loskins socks, made with Dream in Color 'Smooshy', Happy Forest colourway (which I will have to make something from for me because I am totally enamoured with the colour - and I don't usually like green...)Loskins;

and a Felted Striped Tote from One Skein, using STASH Lion Brand Wool and Paton's Classic Wool (it's functional and virtuous)Felted Tote Bag.

Stash enhancement has also occurred, but I'll save it for the next post...

I am still slogging - yes, that's right, it's now a slog - away on my niece's Wallaby - sleeves attached, so just shoulder shaping and the hood and I'm golden, and then comes the hard part - deciding what to cast on for me. Too many ideas, too many possibilities, swirling around in an already overloaded, hormonally kicked-to-shit mind... I am hoping to make a decision soon, and cast something on -

silly, isn't it? To have this much trouble finding something to make for myself? I have the makings for many wonderful things but can't seem to narrow my focus... I may have to ask my sons to help me with this, and then I'll do what my mother has always done - take their suggestions and do the complete opposite... or not... I can't decide...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Not Wounded, Sire, But Dead...

Okay, not quite dead, either, but it has been a rough couple of weeks from which we are still recovering - ailments ranging from stomach flu (Tanner) to head colds (Ben), to a viral imitation of strep throat (uh-huh, that would be me).

I am still trying to get back on my feet from this, and am hopeful that within the next couple of days, I will have the energy to post and describe the last of my Wisconsin pictures, as well as what I am hoping to get through before Christmas...

and around here, hope springs eternal, donchyaknow...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

My American Thanksgiving, Volume I

I can't believe it's been a week since this:


See the dashboard clock. You can't see the A.M. after the numbers, but believe me, it was there.

See Kelly in the parking lot.IMG_0990
See the parking lot behind Kelly. Too dark? Well, there are NO SPACES. The parking lot is full. It is 4:07 A.M., and the parking lot is full.

See Deirdre standing in line at the store.IMG_0991
The line ends at the store entrance. It is a very long line. It is 4:30, and Deirdre's arms are full of deals.

See Kelly and Deirdre still standing in line.IMG_0992
They have more deals. It is almost 6:30, and Kelly and Deirdre are still standing in line. They are also still smiling. They may be a few stitches short of a full repeat (I know, some of you may recognize this from The Knitting Guild of Canada's t-shirts years ago, but since I coined it for the shirts, I believe I can use it).

Kelly and Deirdre are almost at the end of the line. They will soon be going here.
They are not sure which of the goods offered to enjoy, but they will enjoy whatever it is.

And notice the orangey light on the sign. That is the sun. Rising. It has been dark and black since Kelly and Deirdre's adventure began 4 hours ago.
And that, boys and girls, is why it is called Black Friday.

Volume II - the sights and yarns of Minnesota/Wisconsin - to follow... stay tuned...