Saturday, December 01, 2007

My American Thanksgiving, Volume I

I can't believe it's been a week since this:


See the dashboard clock. You can't see the A.M. after the numbers, but believe me, it was there.

See Kelly in the parking lot.IMG_0990
See the parking lot behind Kelly. Too dark? Well, there are NO SPACES. The parking lot is full. It is 4:07 A.M., and the parking lot is full.

See Deirdre standing in line at the store.IMG_0991
The line ends at the store entrance. It is a very long line. It is 4:30, and Deirdre's arms are full of deals.

See Kelly and Deirdre still standing in line.IMG_0992
They have more deals. It is almost 6:30, and Kelly and Deirdre are still standing in line. They are also still smiling. They may be a few stitches short of a full repeat (I know, some of you may recognize this from The Knitting Guild of Canada's t-shirts years ago, but since I coined it for the shirts, I believe I can use it).

Kelly and Deirdre are almost at the end of the line. They will soon be going here.
They are not sure which of the goods offered to enjoy, but they will enjoy whatever it is.

And notice the orangey light on the sign. That is the sun. Rising. It has been dark and black since Kelly and Deirdre's adventure began 4 hours ago.
And that, boys and girls, is why it is called Black Friday.

Volume II - the sights and yarns of Minnesota/Wisconsin - to follow... stay tuned...


Miss Scarlett said...

What fun - what brave souls you are. And how very,very patient. I don't even like waiting in line at the grocery store so I time my shopping to coincide with meals!

This is brilliant: They may be a few stitches short of a full repeat

Great quip - well said Deirdre.

So...wadja buy?

Ang said...

That was very brave, I hate shopping, any kind, I hate it.
But, in the dark and queuing for 2 hours? I take my hat off to you!

Anonymous said...

Oh yah baby, its me, Kelly, and I am back in business. Got a laptop, got high speed...good to go for good blogging material. Please dear readers know, that that side shot of me in the dark parking lot added a few pounds. And gosh, we were smiling up storm. Didn't we crash shortly after we got home? Weren't we in a daze for the remainder of your vacation? I think I was in a near coma for the remainder of the week, but what memories we shared.

Anonymous said...

okay okay, leave the picture...
you win darlin