Saturday, December 29, 2007

What a ride...

Well, once the gifts were wrappedWrapping Elves,
the cookies decorated can I help you with those cookies? (with assistance, of course), and the blackmail efforts put forth seasonal blackmail, we had ourselves a wonderful Christmas! I only hope yours was as much fun - I now find myself the owner of an iTouch, which, for a wannabe-techie like me, is a total blast to play with!

The kids got an XBox 360, with Guitar Hero II, and this has proven to be the hit of the party - I pretty much suck, but get such a kick out of it that I don't care...

Handknitted gifts were finished on time (okay, one with only about 1 hour to spare before being handed over, but it was done, okay?!):
Grinchy socks from Blue Moon Fiber ArtsGrinchy socks, with my own label, thanks to Carole ooohh, pretty label;

Loskins socks, made with Dream in Color 'Smooshy', Happy Forest colourway (which I will have to make something from for me because I am totally enamoured with the colour - and I don't usually like green...)Loskins;

and a Felted Striped Tote from One Skein, using STASH Lion Brand Wool and Paton's Classic Wool (it's functional and virtuous)Felted Tote Bag.

Stash enhancement has also occurred, but I'll save it for the next post...

I am still slogging - yes, that's right, it's now a slog - away on my niece's Wallaby - sleeves attached, so just shoulder shaping and the hood and I'm golden, and then comes the hard part - deciding what to cast on for me. Too many ideas, too many possibilities, swirling around in an already overloaded, hormonally kicked-to-shit mind... I am hoping to make a decision soon, and cast something on -

silly, isn't it? To have this much trouble finding something to make for myself? I have the makings for many wonderful things but can't seem to narrow my focus... I may have to ask my sons to help me with this, and then I'll do what my mother has always done - take their suggestions and do the complete opposite... or not... I can't decide...


Miss Scarlett said...

Ha! I love the picture of the cookie decorating. You cannot leave dogs out of anything.

Seriously, your dog is so beautiful! Look at her healthy thick coat of woolly hair. Poor Kira was just balded - I mean trimmed - last week.

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Perfect!

The Grinchy socks are too funny.

Oooh stash enhancement - can't wait to see that.

Hope you find just the right project for you - Lolly has some awesome patterns queued, you might want to check hers out. That way, you can complicate the decision even more. ;-)

Love the line about doing the opposite of the advice - have you seen that cell phone ad?

Ang said...

Those socks look wonderful, glad to see you had a good time.

Happy new year!