Friday, July 07, 2006

Ahhh, the sounds of summer...

Sprinklers running, mowers humming, cicadas buzzing, kids bellowing...

and it's only week 1!

Fortunately, the boys and I leave tomorrow for a week up north at the Blue Spruce Inn, where there will at least be more space for their bellowing to resound in...

So once the food shopping and laundry were done, came the question most vitally important to us all at vacation time:

Where's the liquor store?

No, wait, I mean, what knitting should I bring?

Well, not the silk tank, which is nearing completion but, I fear, too delicate for the roughing-it aspect of 'up north'. I am currently working on these socks, from Blue Moon Fiber Arts:

which I was pleased to see have just been completed by the Yarn Harlot, so I find myself in excellent company. So I'll bring these. This is the first sock, so one more to go. What should I bring to start once these are done, because they will, of course, be done (right, Mom?).

I wanted to start this

or this

but being me, I don't have the damned needles for either of them - sigh

so I will bring the fixin's for another pair of socks - I am thinking of Austermann Step yarn (with aloe and jojoba in the yarn), but not sure of a pattern - probably either Railroad Rib socks by Fiber Trend, or RPM from the most recent issue of Knitty (congratulations, Amy!!) - looking at them now, I think RPM will be more interesting beach knitting -

so think of us, in our little cabin, listening to the call of the wild - or the bellow of the boys...

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Anonymous said...

Have agreat time out in the wild.
When you get home you will have the makings of another project or two...

Take care!