Friday, January 12, 2007

A season in photographs...

most creative cookie of the year: "Tiny Tim"Tiny Tim
followed closely by "Super-Gingey"
thrummed alpaca from Green Acres FarmAlpaca Thrummed Mittens (100% alpaca wool and thrums)
thumbless reversible joggers' mitts from EZ's 'Knitting Around'
thumbless reversible joggers' mitts
mini-ornaments:Christmas Ornaments for Kelly and
Mini Aran Ornament
felted clog slippers from Stitch Divas:
Curiously Clever Clogs, Stitch Divas
basic socks, made better than basic with Knit Picks "Gloss" (merino wool/silk)
My own Basic Sock Pattern
felted baskets, which I LOVE and will make more of...Baskets post-felt

and the dogs protecting their Christmas gifts from each other -Maggie with Christmas Bone, Dec 06

Charlie and his bone, Dec 06

just a small note: it is January 13, and so far , between the two of them, they have only actually finished one of these suckers. Charlie is perpetually carrying the second one around with him, banging into walls and cabinets and dropping it on things like the floor and our feet, but is not actually eating it. He is, in a word, neurotic...

Special thanks to Tanya, for all of your help with the pictures - it worked!!


Miss Scarlett said...

Tiny Tim!! Brilliant!
Love those mitts - the look so deliciously cozy. A mini cabled sweater - wow - that is impressive. I was wondering how decadent socks would be made with the Gloss. Love the baskets.
OMG! The pic your doggie sleeping with her bone! That is priceless. I am always stunned by how much she looks like my Kira - who should soon have hair as short as your baby's.

deirdre said...

Maggie looks a lot like Kira, except that she is much, much bigger, and your girl's hair looks so much silkier - Maggie's is, well, a lot like sheep's wool, actually, until it gets long and then she gets rastas on top of her head...