Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A little pre-senile dementia, anyone?

According to the Journal of Neurology, knitting is one of 13 activities shown to reduce the risk of developing dementia by as much as 38%.

Given that, why am I having so much frigging trouble making a sock that fits? I studied pre-senile dementia in grad school, and well, I'm just wondering...

I finally figured out the Grasshopper pattern from last month's Blue Moon Fiber Arts kit
and I don't like it.

I don't think this has happened to me before, but I finished the sock, put it on, and I don't like it. For several reasons. The fit is a little baggier around the ankle than I like... the top is a little snugger than I like. But I think that the most likely reason of all (yes, I am quoting the Grinch a little) is that the pattern doesn't do justice to the yarn. The yarn, a silk/wool blend, is absolutely gorgeous and knits into the most beautiful fabric with a soft sheen. With the lace pattern, the sheen is lost.

So, I don't like it.

I started the second ball as a Monkey sock, and much prefer it. Of course, I got to the heel before realizing I couldn't pull the damn thing over my foot - too small... so I frogged and am using slightly bigger needles, and am finally making socks that fit!

I started these a couple of weeks agoP1000595, from the Pick Up Sticks sock club.
Again, beautiful yarn ( bamboo/wool/nylon),interesting pattern (see the shell motif at the right end? works with the pattern name - Beach - get it?) - but it doesn't fit. Too small. Only one size was given for the pattern and in my enthusiasm I didn't bother checking. And it's too small. So off to the frog pond with this one, too.


However, I do like how you can take something like this:
add a little of these
and come out with this

The sweater is now done and ready for mailing to Artisan Knitworks... yay!

And remember the nest in our euonymous vine? Look who showed up...
The mom is in the middle, flanked by two babies! I can't tell you how much fun the boys and I have been having watching them, and talking to them - the boys so much so that they TRY NOT TO SLAM THE DOOR - this is significant progress, let me assure you!

So now I must try to get my brain cells back in order - I cast on a sock on June 21 for Summer of Socks, which I will post later, and am hoping, praying - actually, I'm measuring - so that it fits...


Miss Scarlett said...

What a shame about the poor fitting socks. I totally agree with you, the Grasshopper pattern does not suit that yarn.
Whatever you are using to make Beach is gorgeous! I love the shell detail, clever designer - and the colours are perfect for the beach.
Some sock envy here.
What a difference blocking makes! So dramatic.
Oh, those little baby birds!!
That is so sweet.
Good job boys - I am sure the birds appreciate your care.

Anonymous said...

I think Monkey will look much nicer.

WOW! You've been busy. I guess you'll be emailing me soon with socky progress.

Your faithful blog reader --- Dee